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Making Money on Periscope with Nicole Walters

October 22, 2015

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So, I recently flew out to NYC to track down some very successful online entrepreneurs and got them to spill all their secrets with us. I stayed in a gorgeous suite overlooking the city with my best friend, created a ‘green room’ bar full of gummy bears and I even ate a whole vegan pizza by myself = the best way to spend 48 hours in the city!

One of my original interviewees had to cancel last minute and I’m actually kind of happy about it… because that led me to discovering the charismatic and ambitious Nicole Walters. Just a few months ago, she quit her successful corporate job in front of 10,000 people watching LIVE on Periscope.

And she sat down with me to tell us how she did it!


She shares her journey transitioning from employee to entrepreneur, including her biggest wins in learning how to monetize her brand on the newest social platform Periscope.

If you want some nitty-gritty tactics + loads of inspiration, then watch on!

And if you want to get some of that coin (as Nicole would say!), then hop over to and check out her affordable courses like 1K in 1 Day. 

But before you go, let me know in the comments below- what was your biggest takeaway from Nicole and how will you use it to monetize your brand today?

Here’s to making some serious coin, friends!

(full video + text transcript below)

Emily: Hello, I’m Emily Richett, coming to you from New York City and joining me is Nicole Walters of Thanks so much for being here!

Nicole: Thank you so much for having me, Emily, I’m super excited!

Emily: I’m so excited to meet you in real life. It’s like you jumped out of Periscope into my world.

Nicole: People keep saying that! It’s so funny, because I feel like I already know everyone… even though we’re face timing and I can’t see you there, with all the engagement, it feels like we’re right there.

Emily: So, I’ve deemed you the unofficial queen of Periscope.

Nicole: I’m flattered, thank you.

Emily: You have more than 4 million hearts out into the universe, more than 13,000 followers, and what is most intriguing is… you are making money off this new platform!

Nicole: Yes, real life coin. I’m about that dollar.

Emily: Alright, let’s have a little background first. You’re here in New York for Periscope Summit- any big takeaways so far?

Nicole: It’s been amazing. I was speaking on the monetization panel with Kim Carr and Sue Zimmerman, and we were chatting and sharing how we’ve managed to monetize Periscope and use it as an additional resource to offer engagement with our existing brands.

So it’s been amazing to share those tips and those tricks with everyone in attendance, but honestly, I’ve learned a lot too.

Emily: Well, let’s talk about life before Periscope. You went from the corporate world and made a transition… took the leap of faith for your own brand… and that’s when you launched

Nicole: I did, yes.

So with that story, people were watching my journey on Periscope. They’re seeing that step, that birth of an entrepreneur.

I was on Periscope when I was still working in the corporate world- Not for long, for maybe a week or two, but I was sharing every day like, “ugh, I can’t do this, the 9-5 thing is killing me.”

And then finally, in front of 10,000 people live, I quit my job.

I called my boss and I quit my job… live.

Emily: On the Periscope?

Nicole: On Periscope. On air, in front of everyone.

And it was very mixed reviews.

Some people were like, “what are you doing? You’ll never be able to get a job in corporate America again, are you crazy?”

And other people were like, “I’m so inspired! I’m scared of what this moment would look like for me, and seeing you do it inspired me to make changes myself.”

For me, I was burning a bridge but you know what? I’m never planning on going back over it again. So it worked out great, and honestly, it’s been nothing but success ever since.

Emily: Were you nervous taking this leap? You had to think… “I need to make up for that paycheck!”

Nicole: Absolutely! I have three foster kids so that definitely was incentive to make sure that I had a plan before I quit my job and that I had an exit strategy.

And of course, one of the things people worry about when they’re having children and they’re jumping into entrepreneurship is, “how am I going to support my family?”

But I also knew that with my kids watching me, it was important that I fed my soul too… that they knew what that looked like.

So, I planned before I left. I set up an infrastructure, I built an online platform where I was able to sell my best secrets and tips to making money online- as a blogger or on Periscope- and my first month while working still, I made $11,000.

So once I did that, I was like “okay, this is a real thing. I’m quitting my job, and I’m going to go full steam ahead and see how I can do.” And it’s been great.

Emily: And all that background information you were able to sell, that knowledge, was that from your corporate experience?

Nicole: Absolutely! One of the things I always say is that, this isn’t something I’m just making up out of my head or as I go.

I know that there are some people out there that, because Periscope is so new, they’re just engaging livestreaming.

And that’s not it for me. I’ve been working corporate America for 10 years… everything I do is a tried and true globally tested sales technique. I just took the skill set from monetizing major corporations to monetizing everyday people.

Emily: Alright, I love this. Can we talk nitty gritty? Like, let’s share everything!

Nicole: Yeah, sure, let’s get into it. I’m all about that.

Emily: On a typical day, can you literally turn on a scope and know, “okay, this much is what’s going to hit my bank account?”

Nicole: Yes, absolutely.

One of the greatest things about Periscope is that I’ve managed to build a business where I’ve built passive income. So everything’s already put into place. I have a place that people can go to engage my product. They can take my webinars. They can take my classes. They can learn instant ways that they can monetize themselves.

So if I get on Periscope and I talk about it… right away, people are going to my site and they’re purchasing my product.

So one of the things I always joke about is… I’ll go into Target and I’ll see if I can spend what I’m going to make before I leave. And my husband hates that! He’s like, “this game is not fun.” But I’m like, it’s a real thing.

So I love it, because I make money all day. I’m making money right now.

Emily: Do you have an average salary you make on scopes?

Nicole: When I first started, I only had a few product offerings- a few webinars.

So every time I scoped, I only made anywhere from (and I say *only, but it’s a blessing. I was making great money.) $150-300 a scope. And I was scoping around once or twice a day.

Now I make anywhere from $500 to -on my really big scopes- $1,700. Every time I scope!

These are infrastructures and systems built around my own product. I am not being paid by a corporation or a brand or sponsorships, and that is true entrepreneurial freedom.

Emily: This is amazing. So right now, doing this interview, you’re making money?

Nicole: Absolutely.

I am absolutely collecting coins this very instant. Because people on Periscope right now are watching and they’re saying, “I want to know more about this. I want to monetize my Periscope,” and they’re engaging the product.

Emily: Okay, I need you to teach me just a fraction of this knowledge… so what are your tips? How can I take my account, I think I have 200 some followers right now, and incorporate this? What are your tips and tricks?

Nicole: One of the number one things I tell people is to shift your focus from being about gaining followers and gaining numbers.

That’s really what a lot of people talk about: How to build your audience.

What matters is that your audience is engaged and that you’re converting them into buyers.

So you have a great sense of style. I absolutely love your outfit and I love your tights, you look so cute. So understand that most things are available on Amazon stores. And Amazon has an amazing affiliate program. So if you set up an affiliate program– and I teach a webinar on exactly how to do that– you could actually get a percentage for anything that you wear, buy, or love.

When I went to go change my tires recently, I bought $400 worth of tires from Amazon. And my friends and family were like, “wow, that’s so great. You save so much money.” And I was like, “well, I bought it in my Amazon store.”

So they went and they purchased that, and I was paid a 10% commission on that $400 purchase, and I didn’t do any work.

Emily: But even if you only have a couple hundred followers, you’re saying just by telling them, here are the leggings I’m wearing…

Nicole: Yeah! They’re like, “I love your look, Emily, you look amazing… where did you get that lipstick?”

All you have to say is, I got it in my Amazon store.

And they go right to your Amazon store and make a purchase and you’re paid just for recommending it. No shipping, no details, no manufacturing, nothing.

Emily: Alright, good tips, especially for fashion bloggers.

Nicole: Yeah, so easy! You should always be monetized.

Emily: But if your brand doesn’t align with that type of sale, what other tricks you have up your sleeve?

Nicole: There are a billion ways to monetize.

So one of the things I always recommend, is be a coach.

Take whatever it is you do best and teach it.

When you get onto a live streaming platform like Periscope, understand that’s your opportunity to showcase your skill and showcase your solution.

So get on there and tell people about how you’re amazing at being a guitar player.

But then offer them a platform and a way to engage you so that you’re able to teach the process. So that’s what live streaming’s all about: you showcase a skill, you showcase a solution, then you teach the process, and you charge for it.

Emily: Yeah, you need to be able to take people off Periscope to your business home online where they can pay.

Nicole: Absolutely. You’ve got to build a place to go.

Emily: I love that. OK, So you’re here in New York, you’re doing Periscope Summit, right now it’s the hottest new platform. Are you at all worried that the market’s going to get saturated and there are going to be like 10,000 @napturalnicole’s out there and you might lose this?

Nicole: I think that’s a very realistic concern.

Everyone always wonders about live streaming and whether or not it’s going to get old or it’s going to fade.

Twitter, Instagram, everything, right?

Well I think what really matters is: as long as you’re bringing value, you’re bringing content and continuing that conversation online… you own your following, you own your product.

And even if there are other similar @natprualnicoles, there will only ever be one @napturalnicole, and that’s me!

Emily: Absolutely. Okay, we were just having fun before we started and you have a live Periscope going right now.

Nicole: I do.

Emily: I did a little teaser and then after it, you kind of laughed and said, “I love watching newbies!”

Nicole: Yeah, where we’ve all been there. That’s why I really identify with that.

Emily: So, do you have any very specific tactics? Like, I think the key to making this work is the initial screen capture you show or literally something to do with my profile. Is there anything like that that I’m missing?

Nicole Walters: I definitely think you hit the nail on the head.

You want to focus on some of those little details, the easy ones.

Like have a catchy title.

Make sure that what you’re doing offers value. I mean, that is really where you’re going to draw followings.

So, you have great experience, you do an awesome job doing on-air interviews, offer tips around that. Everyone has an opportunity to be an interviewer on Periscope, so they would love to come to you to learn more about that. And if you went and monetized that, just imagine the coin you could bring in!

Emily: Awesome! Well, speaking of coin, you have a course called 1k in one day, and you literally teach people how to make…

Nicole: $1,000 a day! Absolutely, it’s totally doable.

In this course, I actually help people build the infrastructure, like a lot of the different places to go, to drop their money.

So if you’re talking about your Amazon store or building a private store or setting up your coaching business, that’s what I do.

I show people how to do it to keep their return on investment high.

My $1k 1 day program- I sold it exclusively through Periscope, and it sold out in 4 minutes and I made $50,000.

Emily: What? Yeah, alright!

Nicole: Yes, I know.

Emily: Okay. Do we have hours for this interview? There’s so much to learn here! I love to ask successful entrepreneurs: do you believe entrepreneurs are born or made?

Nicole: Entrepreneur DNA absolutely exists. No matter what it is- whether I am helping people monetize or selling bottles of water on the corner of the street- I will never, ever go back to the corporate world because I have to work for myself. It’s in my blood.

Emily: And what about people who are stuck in a job right now? They’re thinking, “Nicole can do that because she’s charismatic and beautiful… but I can’t do that…” Do you think people just need to learn how?

Nicole: Absolutely. Everyone has something that they do very well. Everyone has something that’s their passion and their love.

If you find your purpose, you can monetize it.

Don’t do stuff for free, get paid.

Emily: So even if you’re stuck in the corporate world and you just don’t realize it… eventually you just need to have some faith and take that leap.

Nicole: Yes. Entrepreneurs are fearless and I think that people don’t realize it… even if it’s little steps every single day, it’s who you are.

Eventually you’re going to take that big leap and get that real coin.

Emily: Alright, Nicole, thank you so much for joining me, for sharing these tips, the queen of Periscope!

We can follow you on Periscope at @napturalnicole and I’m @EmilyRichett.


  1. Kim Carson says:

    Great interview! Focus on the details. Have a catchy title. Make sure what you’re doing offers value. Offer tips. Monetize what’s fun for you. I also enjoyed the entrepreneur insight about an entrepreneur being born vs. being taught. So many great tidbits of info…too many to mention.

  2. Dan says:

    That’s a lot of money!

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