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3 Steps to Stop Lurking & Start Broadcasting (in Periscope & in Life!)

December 10, 2015

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Periscope is the newest social media platform– it’s only been around for a hot minute but the most ambitious entrepreneurs have already found a way to successfully grow and monetize their brands on the new platform.

Take my new gal pal Nicole Walters for example.


She credits Persicope for more than $60,000 in revenue from just one month!

What?! Yeah, crazy. And awesome.

You can check out our interview here where she shares all kinds of juicy ‘scope tips.

I love the opportunity that comes with being one of the early adapters to a new platform. And Periscope is STILL new. That means you still have a chance to use it to leverage your brand & increase your following.

There are more than 10 million users on Periscope already… but the reality is, most of those users are lurkers that just enjoy watching other people’s videos.

Very few have the guts to hit the broadcast button.

Because it’s nerve wrecking- even for someone like me who used to be on live TV everyday!

But, if you can break through your own fears and use this powerful tool to share some of your expertise with a new audience, you just might be able to cash in on some of that coin like Nicole!

Here are a few simple tips that will help you overcome your fear and get you to stop lurking and start broadcasting!

Here we go:

Plan it out.

Even some of the most experienced live broadcasters have notes handy in the background to reference at a moment’s notice.

What is your main topic?

Break down the 3-5 points you want to make– keeping it focused is key, otherwise you’ll lose people.

Jot those main points down or have them typed out on your computer so you can easily see them.

I like to make bullet points of just a few words that I keep just off camera so I can easily glance at it and it will prompt me if I get off track, draw a blank or more likely, get distracted by offensive comments (there are so many of those now… you’ll get good at hitting the block button while talking!).

Don’t get caught up in in a really long intro and saying hi to everyone that joins. Get right to the goods!

A little pre-planning will help you feel confident and keep you on track.

Keep it casual + personal.

Talk to just one person. Sure, there may be dozens or hundreds of people watching… but each individual person is just watching you… and they want to feel connected to you.

So, just like in a blog or email newsletter, keep it casual, personal and go in with the mindset of talking to one person.

You might start the scope off with “hi guys! thanks for watching…” and that’s OK. But throughout the broadcast, imagine you’re chatting with one friend or one client.

You can practice this by calling a friend and testing it out on her first.

 Start before you’re ready.

Eventually, you just have to take the plunge.

You’re never going to feel 100% confident.

Your hair could always look better…

and your nerves will always be telling you to stop.

Don’t listen. Write down a few notes, give yourself a little mental fist bump and hit the button already!

Are you getting ready to take the plunge and start ‘scoping or broadcast live via FB, google hangouts, etc.? Share a link to your profile below in the comments so I can tune in!







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