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How I made more than $6,000 in brand collaborations with a small following

February 7, 2016

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I don’t consider myself a ‘mom blogger’ but I do have a blog and I do write about mom stuff sometimes. And business. I especially like writing about how the two identities (mom and business owner) compliment one another.

So, I guess that makes me a mompreneur blogger. I’m cool with that title!

And even though I don’t have a big following and I’m not a fancy fashion blogger, I have managed to break the code in leveraging all this mom jazz to create fun, profitable collaborations (like the time I created a Mother’s Day Gift Guide when I was expecting my second baby!).

I never set out to make money as a mompreneur blogger or social influencer, it just naturally evolved. I recently sat down to tally up all of my brand collaborations and projects from the past few months, and realized I’ve made more than $6,000 and thousands more in gear and products. Kind of crazy!

This gig isn’t about to replace my income anytime soon- it’s just a cool little side hustle that I’m enjoying in this season.

The best part is, it hasn’t been a ton of effort and I’ve been able to support some of my favorite mom brands and small businesses that I truly align with and admire.

And the other perks are pretty great too.

Just today I opened my email from a brand I recently collaborated with to find a $75 voucher to use at a local spa. Such perfect timing too! I’m so ready to book a massage after this first week of sleep training mini-J!



The most surprising thing is how easy it has been- much easier than I expected!

I don’t have a huge following or even near-perfect feed (as you can see, I have a hard time not baby spamming all. day. long.).

I haven’t spent a penny on IG ads, although I would like to experiment with it in the future, and I don’t spend much time in the platform these days.

The strategies that have worked for me can work for you in whatever niche market that excites you!

While it was pretty simple, it does require some strategy and effort. But before you can start planning your strategy, you need a solid foundation.

In this post, I’m sharing my three biggest tips for generating fun + profitable brand collaborations.

1. Be selective.

When it comes to picking your social media platform, be selective. You don’t want to try to be everywhere, engaging with different audiences on different platforms. Pick your platform and then master it.

Last year I took a course to develop my Instagram brand and started getting intentional with my content and photos. I focused on building a niche audience of other moms and mompreneurs. I experienced slow and steady growth over the past year, growing to around 3500 followers. It’s not the biggest audience, but it’s an engaged crowd of a specific demographic, which is key and has made my profitable collaborations possible.

Which platform should you pick?

Whichever one you naturally use the most + love!

Take a hint from some really success women who are already crushing it with social media and making actual cash:

If you’re Nicole Walters, Periscope is where you’re at.

If you’re Hilary Rushford, Instagram is your thing.

Or if you’re Amy Porterfield, you’re putting out your best on Facebook live.

Your favorite platform + the place where you can engage with potential brand partners = your focus.

2. Be Genuine

Brand ambassador, promoter, collaborator, spokesperson… you can call it many names but whatever you chose, make sure it’s genuine.

I only approach brands I love, whose products I am already using or have researched so much that I would buy from regardless.  

Nearly every single one of my partnerships were with products that I already owned and loved. The exception were some baby sleeping products that I researched to death that I couldn’t possibly have tested in real-life because my baby had not yet arrived!

There are people out there making money promoting products they don’t actually love or wouldn’t use otherwise. I think once you start doing more collaborations, you get asked to work with brands more often and this can become tricky.

For me, it’s all about being 100% genuine in my promotion and making sure it resonates with my audience and feels good for me. 

I’m a mom to two sweet girls so my brand naturally appeals to other moms and lends itself to collaborating with mom and baby brands.

It’s what I post about already. I’m also a publicist, business owner, wife and animal lover. I could have chosen to go down any of those paths as well, but I didn’t. For the most part, I stick to posting about mom things, mompreneur life, and once in a while I highlight some of my work.

Key takeaway: start with what you already love and already post about.

3. Be Proactive.

Unless you have a massive following with tens of thousands+ followers, chances are, you are going to have to be proactive to score a great collaboration.

This means you’re going to have to create an enticing offer and actually make the ask!

And I think for a lot of people, this can be the hardest part. 

It was for me in the beginning.

Now, it’s my favorite part! I love the excitement and possibility that is created simply by being confident enough to propose an offer.

Full-time blogger Erica Ligenza of Coming Up Roses shares a breakdown of where she earned nearly $5,000 in revenue and consulting from her blog last month alone– and yes, some of that is from social media collaborations!

She said,When you can prove the value in what you do, the dollar bills follow. But you have to negotiate!

Negotiating doesn’t just mean presenting numbers back and forth. Truly stellar negotiating involves presentation of real value and acknowledgement of both sides to really make everyone feel like you’re reaching the best possible outcome all around.

Other things that have helped me to secure profitable partnerships include having a press kit that provides some background on who I am, what I do, and samples of my work. Creating intriguing offers that standout from what other influencers are pitching has probably helped too (I started off harnessing the power of local media for partnerships which was unique + high value, but it took up so much of my time that I started creating much easier collab offers).

So there you have it!

There is obviously a bit more that goes into securing and profiting from online collaborations, but those three things have had the biggest impact on my quick success.

I get so many questions on this topic that I am laying out my entire process and the exact strategy I used to make more than $6,000 with some of my favorite brands in just a few months-while having a blast doing it!

I’m opening up my entire playbook, from the exact pitch emails I use to how I price my offers, and I’m sharing it all in an easy, fun video course that will be opening soon!

It includes everything you need to create and execute your first successful collaboration — and since it’s launching for the very first time, get special early bird pricing (use code: EARLYBIRD if the discount isn’t automatically applied.

Sound good?

Then head on over to Profitable Collabs here: PROFITABLE COLLABS!

And I’d love to know, have you had success with brand collaborations?

Share in the comments what has worked for you (or what hasn’t) and I’ll be sure to respond!




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