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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Manasi Gangan, Nested Bean

September 26, 2016

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How a Mom Sacrificed her Successful Corporate Job, So New Moms Didn’t Have to Sacrifice Their Sleep

This week’s Amplified Entrepreneur is Manasi Gangan, founder of Nested Bean, the creator of the popular zen swaddle.

I first discovered this genius creation a couple years ago at my local baby boutique. I was intrigued by this swaddle that had little bean bags inside of it and the claim on the packaging sold itself: “Moms report up to 2 hours of extra sleep each night.” Amazing. And if I wrap Josie up in three of them, can I get six more hours of sleep?! 🙂

Well, I haven’t tried and really, I haven’t needed to! Our first zen swaddle has worked wonders. Nearly four months later, she’s about to grow out of it (along with so many of her tiny clothes… let’s not even talk about this sadness), so we’ll have to try the zen sleep sack next.


I only wish I would have used this swaddle with my first baby, Jane. Jane was accustomed to being held around the clock, as first time babies typically are, and she could have used this special touch simulation to help her sleep at night. Instead, I just continued to hold her throughout many, long nights.


I recently had the chance to talk with the mompreneur behind this incredible brand and loved learning all about what inspired her to create the zen sleep system and how she even left her successful corporate career to make it happen.

Watch below for her inspiring story and insights on juggling business and motherhood.

And then, if you have a tiny babe keeping you up at night, go buy a zen swaddle, ASAP! You’ll find them on Amazon and Target. She’s even offering my mama readers 15% with the code: EMRICHETT15 if you buy from the website.

And thanks to you Manasi, for putting your idea into action and creating the zen swaddle, so moms and babies everywhere can get some rest!





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