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Announcing… the AMPLIFY Show! (My new podcast)

July 16, 2019

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Hey friends!

I’m excited to share that I’ve finally launched my podcast– it’s been years in the making. I once literally launched the podcast than deleted it off iTunes (another story for a future show). 🙂

But it’s finally here… and this is the place where I’ll be sharing all my insights, lessons, and interviews with some of the greatest minds in business, personal development, parenting, and life.

What was my inspiration to launch a podcast? I wanted to create a show that shared the type of content I crave- I know I can’t be alone in looking for a show that doesn’t just motivate and inspire but also shares actual tips, lessons, and strategies that can make an immediate impact.

I’m really excited for the first few guests I have lined-up. Do me a favor and give my trailer episode a listen and if it excites you and sounds like the kind of show you’d like to listen to, then hit subscribe on your phone so you don’t miss the first episodes!

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