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My Favorite Eco-Friendly, Back-To-School Products

August 20, 2019

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It’s hard to believe I have an official Kindergartener and preschooler going off to school this year! My girls have been attending a Montessori school since they were each about one-year-old, so it doesn’t feel very different sending them back this year. Back-to-school season is exciting nonetheless. While my girls don’t need a ton of school gear yet, I’m always reviewing and checking out some of the best products for families. 

I recently visited my friends at WZZM 13 ABC News to share some of my favorite eco-friendly brands. Check out some of my picks in this TV round-up – if you are a business and want to have your product featured in the news, you can pitch my team over at HAPPY PR by filling out this form. If it’s a good fit, we’ll be in touch!

Sprout World

Sprout World pencils are eco-friendly, lead-free, and non-toxic. Better yet, each pencil has one of nine different kinds of seeds in it, so once you’re done you simply plant it instead of throwing it away. You’ll grow anything from flowers to herbs and vegetables. 


PlanetBox creates stainless steel lunch boxes with different compartments that are easy to fill with real food. These non-toxic lunch boxes will help you minimize plastic use, encourage healthier eating, and have plenty of storage options for each type of food. Each comes with a set of magnets, and you can also buy other accessories for it, like various kinds of carry bags and sleeves.

Etee Wraps

Another great way to reduce your single-use plastics in school lunches is by keeping Etee Wraps on hand. They’re reusable, organic, biodegradable, and last about 90 days with frequent use. Since the wraps are made with beeswax, simply warm it with your hands to stick it to itself or over dishes.

Propur Water Filters

Whether you’re looking for an entire home water filtration system, a water pitcher filter, or a filter for your water bottle to take with you, Propur water filters will help you ensure your kids are going back to school with fresh, clean drinking water. 

These filters are infused with silver, which prevents bacteria from growing, and they don’t require any kind of power source. 

Dash Into Learning

Dash into Learning provides a fun and simple way to teach children to read, even before they know their alphabet! It’s a gorgeous set of books that goes beyond teaching children to read and helps them build confidence as readers. These books are a great tool to use before your children start school or as a supplement to their education.

Learn more about these great products in the full segment below:

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