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Episode 3: How I Scaled my Business & Found Freedom – My Interview with John Lee Dumas for Entrepreneurs on Fire

September 19, 2019

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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m taking you back to two and a half years ago in my business, right about the time when I made a pivotal shift to start intentionally growing with a team. If you’re stuck in the day to day of your business, and not sure where to start getting ahead, then this is the episode for you.



I’m sharing a special interview I did with John Lee Dumas on his Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast. We talk about where I was at the time in business juggling two small toddlers and facing a lot of personal challenges.


I also share my lowest moment as a hustling entrepreneur, and how that inspired me to change my mindset and experience 250% growth and to hire my first 1 then later 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6+ employees


“You don’t have to be the ‘be all end all’ of your business. You’ve got to let go of some control…” – Emily Richett


Topics I discuss with John Lee Dumas in this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Leveraging your media coverage for the best return on investment
  • Amplify, my PR course and community for entrepreneurs
  • My lowest moment and lessons learned as an entrepreneur
  • How I got where I am now
  • Lightning Round questions 


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Connect with me:



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