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Episode 7: Scaling, Shark Tank, & Steaks with MOINK Founder Lucinda Cramsey

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How did Lucinda Cramsey make it onto Shark Tank? And how has she adjusted to being a high profile business while still living a small town life? What steps has she taken to scale her business?



On this episode of The Amplify Show I’m talking with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Lucinda Cramsey. She is the co-founder of Moink, an ethical meat subscription business that aims to save you from sketchy grocery store meat while also saving the American family farm. 

Lucinda and I cover everything from how she made it onto Shark Tank to her philosophy for personal connection in business, advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and seizing opportunity in all its forms. 

We also get a look into her entrepreneurial journey; how she started out as an 18 year old farm girl with a GED and battled her way through over 15 years of start ups, failures, persistence, and re-invention to arrive where she is today. In her words, she is a “small town girl with a busted truck and a private jet.” 


“I think in life, the only thing you get to ask for is opportunity.” -Lucinda Cramsey


Topics discussed with Lucinda Cramsey on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Grit, perseverance, and what it takes to make it as a serial entrepreneur
  • The role communication plays in running and scaling a business
  • Letting go of control in a fast-growing business
  • Keeping the humanity in business
  • What to do when you are completely overwhelmed
  • The importance of getting input and ideas from trusted advisors
  • Learning as you go
  • Going from solopreneur to CEO of a large team
  • Being yourself in business


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