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Episode 9: Riches are in the (Podcast) Niches with John Lee Dumas

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If you are in the business podcast space, then you’ve no doubt heard the name John Lee Dumas. The “godfather of podcasting”, JLD is one of the first podcasters to monetize the platform, and with huge success. He is currently earning over 2 million a year, with 86% profit, mainly through sponsorships for his podcast (Entrepreneurs on Fire) programs and resources for other podcasters, and affiliate sales for heavy hitters like Tony Robbins.


On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, JLD is sharing his journey from active duty military officer to online business superstar, how he has grown and shifted his business, and what’s coming next for him.


Topics discussed with John Lee Dumas on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:


  • Expenses vs. revenue and how ratios progress over time [3:30]
  • JLD’s main traffic and income generators [5:00]
  • Increasing profits vs. increasing overall impact [9:45]
  • Getting clear on what you want [13:20]
  • Business and life benefits of living in Puerto Rico [14:45]
  • How JLD structures his team [17:45]
  • Staying hands-on with certain things, outsourcing others [19:00]
  • The value of ‘in-person’ and ‘hands-on’ in business [21:45]
  • How JLD first monetized the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast [26:00]
  • The importance of transparency as you grow [29:45]
  • JLD’s #1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs [36:45]


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