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Episode 12: The Alcohol Experiment & Building an Unlikely Business with Annie Grace

December 26, 2019

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Annie Grace has a remarkable story. Raised in a one-room cabin with no running water, she became the youngest VP at a multinational company by age 26. That alone is an inspiring story, but Annie’s mission today is what I spoke with her about in this interview: helping people find freedom from alcohol, and redefining how society views alcohol, so that the non-drinker is no longer an exception to the rule.



At the height of her career, Annie was drinking close to 2 bottles of wine a night, and realized she was not living the life she wanted. After extensive research, she came up with a system that helped her break free from alcohol, and then set out to share it with the world. She’s now the author of This Naked Mind and has a successful, mission-driven business sharing her message.


Topics discussed with Annie Grace on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • Business culture that conflates drinking with success [1:50]
  • Annie’s line in the sand moment [2:30]
  • The beginnings of Annie’s movement, giving away her system [3:30]
  • The frustration of experiencing little to no growth, even though her system was working [5:15]
  • Going ‘all in’ with an experienced mentor [6:15]
  • Keeping up with customer service after a growth explosion [7:45]
  • Shifting from a financial focus to a mission focus [8:00]


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