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Top Products for Kids at Home

April 17, 2020

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Like most parents, I’ve been in survival mode lately. Between caring for kids who are at home all day, cooking, cleaning, and running a business- the days feel extra long! 

I recently chatted about this in an interview with  Journey Academy founder Dana Roefer, We talked about how we don’t have to have extensive lessons or fancy learning tools right now. Kids learn naturally doing everyday things like baking in the kitchen, going for hikes, or simple artwork. So, we’ve been doing a lot of that! 

I’m also sharing some products that can make staying home with kids a bit easier and more enjoyable for the whole family. The best part is these are all available online, they’re in stock, and they’re offering a special discount just for you!

We’re also doing a giveaway of a “kids bundle” over at HAPPY PR’s Instagram so be sure to enter!


We are Knitters – Knitting Kits

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Now is a great time to try a new craft or learn a new skill, especially one that can help ease anxiety and stress, like knitting. We Are Knitters provides knitting kits with everything you need to start your own project: yarn, needles, patterns, and plenty of easy-to-follow video tutorials. 

All of the materials are sustainable, from the beechwood knitting needles and the 100% natural wool and cotton to the reusable bag that holds it all. This activity can keep you and your kids busy and create something special for the whole family. 


DIY Gift Kits – DIY Projects for All Ages

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Hands-on projects are a great way to cure kids’ boredom at home, and DIY Gift Kits has do-it-yourself projects for everyone: from lip balm and bath bombs to hot sauce and gin (there really is something to entertain all ages!). My daughters loved making the bath bombs, and now they can have bath time fun for weeks to come.

DIY Gift Kits also recently launched an Elderberry Syrup Kit with organic ingredients, which is fun to make and a great way to boost immunity without spending a ton of money on pre-made elderberry. 

These kits make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or simply showing a loved one you’re thinking of them.


Baby Jack & Co. – Soothing Sensory Blankets

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Baby Jack & Co. makes blankets and sensory toys that promote learning. The Learning Lovey is a sensory blanket that showcases vibrant colors and designs, soft textures, and tags to play with. 

Babies and toddlers love rubbing the tags, which can decrease their anxiety, increase comfort, and in turn, help them self-soothe and fall asleep. 


Sprout Pencils – Plantable Pencils

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The kids can take their art up a notch with Sprout Pencils, the world’s first plantable pencils.

They come in a variety of seed types – everything from flowers to herbs and veggies. Simply plant the pencil stub in soil once you’re done with the pencil, water it, and watch it grow in one to four weeks. It’s like an art class and a science class all in one!

Sprout’s KIDS Edition includes colored pencils and a coloring book and is available for quick shipping on Amazon. Sprout’s website also includes free printable educational resources.


Foodstirs – Healthy Baking Kits

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I love finding ways to have my kids help out in the kitchen. It’s great practice for their developing motor skills and their math skills. Thankfully, Foodstirs’ junk-free keto cookies are not only easy to make – but they’re also organic, made with ethically sourced ingredients, and only have 1 gram of added sugar and 2 grams of net carbs per serving. 

Foodstirs cookies are gluten-free, grain-free, and they taste as good as regular, less healthy cookies. They’re ready in just 25 minutes with six steps, and it’s also easy to make them vegan. 


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