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Top Products For Homeschool, Virtual School, Or Learning From Home

August 18, 2020

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Are you diving into homeschooling this year? Me too! Here are some of my top picks for learning from home. 

Hi friends,

I know back-to-school looks different for most of us this year and I wanted to share what I decided to do with my preschool and first-grader this year. You can hear all about how I came to my decision and more about what we’re doing, over at my podcast, The AMPLIFY Show.

Long story short, we’re homeschooling!

This has been something I’ve always wanted to do but running a business and the typical “hamster wheel” and hustle of life prevented me from prioritizing it. We’ll be excited to rejoin our school communities later this year but for now, I’m taking every opportunity to soak in this time with the girls and to be a part of their learning experience. 

I thought I’d put together some of my favorite products and brands for learning from home (this is part 1 in a series- come back for part 2 where I share other engaging activities and brands for setting up your school room!). 

Whether you’re doing virtual, hybrid, or homeschool this year,  these products should make your back-to-school season a little easier.

From reading to coding to staying organized and healthy, here’s a look at some of my top picks for learning from home.


Quick Links:

Play Osmo
Dash Into Learning
Lit League
Anchored Women Homeschool Planner
Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery
Smile Window Learning Lovey Masks


Reading, Phonics & More

Play Osmo

I’m pretty selective on the screen time my kids will have (or else I’ll have little zombies on my hands!), and Play Osmo is the perfect blend of fun and learning. 

It’s an award-winning educational system that works with the iPad or Kindle Fire devices.. It has a variety of learning games that inspire creativity and education, including a program that makes coding accessible for kids as young as age 5. 

We’re excited to add the coding and math games to our homeschool routine later this year. Right now my girls are loving the creative play and phonics. Play Osmo recently revamped its award-winning “genius starter kit” to include “family game night” where kids can play on their own or with family. 


Dash Into Learning

These are my favorite readers and I’ve been using them for a couple of years with my 6-year-old! Dash Into Learning helps kids read right from the beginning, even before they know the alphabet. 

The beautiful set of books comes with a parent guide and you can add activity sheets (bingo is a favorite over here!) and other games. The format is a short lesson page, followed by a 10-page story. They also sell adorable peg characters and horses to match the stories but they always sell out quickly (we haven’t snagged any yet!).


Lit League

When your kids are moving on to bigger books, or if you enjoy read-aloud time like we do, Lit League has the best book-themed activity boxes that will help foster a lifelong love of reading. 

Each box is thoughtfully curated by seasoned educators and filled with book-themed activities to delight readers of all ages.

Every box includes a book with a special bookmark for words they’ll find in the book, 4-5 inspiring activities, and discussion questions and answers. You can even get sibling kits that will have extra materials for brother or sister.


Staying Organized & Healthy

Anchored Women Homeschool Planner

If you’re doing homeschool, virtual school or any kind of school, you’ll probably want a planner to help keep all these changes organized. 

“The Anchored Women” homeschool planner was created by a homeschool mom and former teacher. It’s completely customizable, from daily to monthly layouts, planning sheets and more.

You just select your favorite formats from 15 different layouts, download the digital planner and print.

There is even a planner for kids that helps teach young ones how to take ownership of their day and responsibilities.


Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery

While you’re busy working and schooling from home Splendid Spoon will help you and your family stay healthy without all the prep and dishes. 

It’s a plant-based, ready-to-eat meal delivery service. You can get nourishing smoothies, grain bowls, and soups delivered right to your door. Just pick a plan, choose your meals, and throw them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to eat. 

You can get $35 off with a special back-to-school deal at 


Smile Window Learning Lovey Masks


If you are going back to school, Baby Jack & Co. has created a new face mask that is great for students and teachers.

The new “smile window” mask has a translucent window for easy lip-reading and to encourage clear communication. 

It’s made of safe, breathable acrylic poly film and comes in both adult and kid sizes. It helps students and teachers go back to school with clarity and ease. You can order these at

I’d love to know what your must-have homeschool products are! Leave a comment here or drop me a message on Instagram @emilyrichett. Wishing you a happy and healthy school year!

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