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Top Products For Homeschool & Virtual Learning – Part Two

October 19, 2020

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Well, we’re a few months into this unique school year, and brands keep on innovating new ways to keep students engaged- even while learning from home.

Whether you’re doing virtual, hybrid, or homeschool this year, these products should make your school season a little easier.

For more of my top picks for learning from home, check out Part One of this Learning From Home product round-up

Quick Links:

Yoto Player
Let’s Make Art
GEMS U & ME Conversations Kit
The House of NOA

Yoto Player

This Yoto Player a really cool device that my kids love. It’s a screen-free audio speaker designed specifically for children. It’s entertaining, educational and inspired by Montessori values, all while reducing screen-time. 

What makes this unique is that it’s controlled with cards, so kids can insert a card like a classic fairytale, nursery rhymes, Winnie the Pooh, and even classical music. My kids love the math songs and short stories.

Parents can access the Yoto smartphone app to control settings and other content, like a library full of music, activities, and podcasts. 

You can even “create your own” story or recording so your kids can listen to a grandparent or distant loved one deliver a bedtime story.

Let’s Make Art

For the young artist in your life, “Let’s Make Art” has a subscription box that instills imagination and creativity in kids. It’s like a premiere art class, delivered right to your door. 

The monthly box is designed for kids ages 5 to 11 and comes with all the supplies needed to make multiple projects that kids can create while watching a free video lesson. 

Each box will have a 24-page magazine filled with fun activities and project instructions, special art supplies for that month’s theme, and pre-cut paper to go along with the projects. 

I love this because you can really set this on auto-pilot. It arrives to your house and if you, like me, are not-so artistically inclined, your kids can still get some great art instruction right from home.

GEMS U & ME Conversations Kit

While many churches are not open for in-person service yet, GEMS Girls’ Clubs has a great at-home option created specifically for moms or caregivers and tween girls. 

It’s called the U & Me Conversations Kit. It’s a four-session bible study that will deepen connection and faith. It comes with a grown-up guide, a girl guide, and some other fun accessories. 

GEMS also has an entire curriculum program you can check out on their website designed for girls grades 1 through 12, and they have virtual clubs that girls anywhere can join.

The House of Noa

One product I’ve found extremely handy that allows me to take school and fun anywhere, are these beautiful and portable mats by the House Of Noa. 

These are vegan leather, they come in a variety of colors and designs, and they wipe clean. You can use them to protect your dining room table that might be doubling as your homeschool room right now, take them outside for nature time or days at the beach, and use them under especially messy arts and crafts. 

These mats have really saved my tables and floors this year from all the experiments, crafting, and painting.

The best part is that the modern designs blend with your home; the mats actually look like a real rug except they’re way more practical and wipable. 


I think it’s worth mentioning that while all of these are really nice products, you do not need to buy new gadgets or gear to help your children to learn and thrive at home. I’ve found some of the best tools are completely free, like our presence and attention and plenty of play in nature. 

I’d love to know what your must-have homeschool products are! Leave a comment here or message me on Instagram @emilyrichett.


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