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Family Holiday Gift Guide 

November 25, 2020

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If you’re like me and “gift giving” is one of your love languages, then this gift guide is for you! I did an entire guide specifically for babies and kids over here, but now we’ll look at gifts for the rest of your crew- or, something to treat yourself!  

P.S. Wondering why I create these gift guides and get to sample these cool products in advance, anyway? Well, it’s been a part of my “job” for years now! 

Back when I was a news reporter, I used to cover everything from new businesses to product launches. I always had a local, inside scoop. Now, I run a PR firm that specializes in leading e-commerce products for kids, parents, and women (we call ‘em “Happy brands”) and the fun continues! 

I’m so thankful for this fun part of my work that allows me to check out cool products, often invented by parents who wanted to create a solution to a problem they were experiencing, and to share them with you.

So here we go- from luxury skincare to the latest tech toy, I’ve got a little something for everyone on your list.

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Stocking Stuffers:



Note: I only recommend products I would use myself or support. If you purchase products from affiliate links in this blog, I may earn a small commission to fund more free content like this!

Have a product or brand you’d like to have featured in one of our upcoming gift guides? Visit over at and let us know!

Happy shopping!


Clean Pro Gemstone

I’m all about selfcare habits and PMD Beauty has a whole line of smart cleaning devices that bring the spa experience to your home (especially handy during these COVID times!).  

One of my top picks from PMD is the Clean Pro Gemstone

  • Uses more than 7,000 vibrations per minute to give a deep cleanse, skin toning, and the best part, a totally relaxing experience. 
  • Features “Active Warmth” technology – a heat therapy that gives your skincare deeper absorption – and also the rose quartz stone. It basically heats up the gemstone and gives you a nice facial massage. 
  • Includes magnesium, iron and oxygen to help reduce inflammation and tension. 


PMD Clean Body

If you want the full-body experience, check out the PMD Clean Body

  • It has interchangeable magnetic attachments to clean, exfoliate or massage your entire body – my favorite is the loofah!
  • It’s silver-infused so it’s antibacterial, stays clean, and you can get smoother, younger looking skin. 
  • The self-standing base has a waterproof charging port, which is USB compatible


Le Volume 2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer

I’ve been a fan of L’ange hair products for a year now so I knew they had to make the gift guide list. This is the best gift for your sister or friend that wants to look “zoom-ready” for those work calls. 

  • My favorite: the “Le Volume,” a round brush and high-speed hair dryer all in one, so you can get a salon-worthy blowout in half the time. 
  • My second pick: the “Le Duo” Dual Purpose Air Styler. It’s a flat iron with tiny air vents to instantly cool and lock in your style, so you can curl, wave or straighten your hair. The outside stays cool so I don’t have to worry about my girls burning themselves when they want me to add a few curls to their hair too. 


Cozy Clothing & Outerwear

If you like to give wearable gifts, Joules has classic yet fun clothing, outerwear and accessories for the whole family. 

  • Their cozy knit sweaters and faux-fur slippers make great gifts for her, and they also have matching hats/gloves for anyone on your list. I’ve been living in these slippers and they’re extremely comfortable & warm!
  • They’re known for their high-quality, beautiful outdoor gear like fun and warm rain jackets or adorable boots for the kids. They’re designed for all your adventures, rain or shine. I live in Michigan, so having the right winter gear is crucial.


Lifelike Pillows

What a fun, custom gift idea for long-distance grandparents, the pet lover in your life, or even a gag-gift for that inside joke with your BFF. Lifelike Pillows can transform anything, from your child’s artwork to a photo of your pet, into a custom pillow. I turned a drawing from each of my daughters into a pillow to surprise them. I also sent my grandma one with their picture on it. 

  • The pillows are double-sided, ultra-soft, machine washable and dryable 
  • Made in Chicago from safe materials. 
  • Ordering is easy: just head to Lifelike Pillows website,, upload an image for your pillow and your preferred size, and wait for your customized pillow to arrive!


Powerup 4.0

For the big kid, or young at heart, the Powerup 4.0 is a smartphone controlled paper plane kit.

  • Newly launched from a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, this user-friendly model can send homemade planes into flight
  • Powerful enough to fly paper, cardboard, and even foam planes. 
  • Features an onboard flight computer, autopilot assist, LED lights for flying at night & delivers 10 minutes of flight time. 


STOCKING STUFFERS – Don’t forget the little gifts that spark big joy!


Milk Frother

I discovered this handy, cheap tool just this past month and call me dramatic, but it’s changed my life! Well, put it this way: it’s greatly increased the joy of my morning cup of coffee. The Milk Boss Frother will up your coffee game and can make that delicious, foamy top for your drinks at home without a trip to Starbucks. It ranges from $10-20 depending on the color.

  • Rustproof and sturdy design
  • Works with all types of milk 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Stored easily with your other coffee accessories


Cat’s Cradle Book Kit

Super cute game for the kids and a throwback for mom!

Learn how to make The Cup and Saucer, The Witch’s Broom, and Jacob’s Ladder with this Cat’s Cradle Kit. It comes with a book of instructions and activities, a loop of multicolored string, and five different string figures that are clearly illustrated.


Custom Personalized Socks 

You can’t really go wrong with custom gifts. They’re so quirky & fun! Try these customizable socks in his or her stocking. 


Rotate & Slide Puzzle

The Rotate and Slide Puzzle from R.Y.Toys is basically a Rubix cube shaped like a cylinder. I always like to throw in some challenging toys and puzzles into the mix and this one is on my list!


Kooty Key

I think it’s safe to say that most of us are a bit more concerned about germs and staying healthy this year than we’ve been in the past. 

Kooty Key, the original no-touch tool, is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and a great way to ward off germs. This gadget was invented back in 2015 – clearly ahead of its time!

  • The Kooty Key is an innovative device that helps you maintain germ-free hands by acting as a handle, button, and keypad tool. 
  • It’s is small enough to fit in your pocket or you can use the badge reel to attach it to a handbag or a key chain.
  • Kooty Key is a Detroit-based business, and the product is made in the USA. 


Most of these brands are running awesome sales through the holiday, so check them out early for the best deals and shipping in time for the holidays!

Have a product you’d love to see in my next gift guide? Let my team know why it would be a good fit, and if it is, we’ll be in touch!


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