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Episode 41: Motherhood, Purpose, & Inventing Diapertainment with Missy Narula

March 11, 2021

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My guest on the show today is the founder and CEO of Exhale Parent, a company focused on legal and financial tools for new parents. Missy Narula is also the inventor behind Diapertainment and one of my clients with HAPPY PRWe recently did publicity for Diapertainment, her innovative parenting solution for squirmy diaper changes.

We chat about the juggle with home and work that moms have had during Covid, creating a physical product to solve a simple, everyday problem that parents deal with, and the biggest thing that holds entrepreneurs back from launching.

Tune in for valuable tips from Missy about parental leave, her journey from McDonald’s to the ivy league and fancy jobs, and why she eventually left those to follow her purpose.

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Topics discussed:

  • Parents make great entrepreneurs – we see the problems to solve first-hand
  • Diapertainment is not about screen time; it’s about safety
  • Parents need to stop judging each other – we are all just doing our best!
  • The biggest thing that holds entrepreneurs back from launching

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