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Best Gifts for New Moms – Baby Shower Gift Guide 2021

March 17, 2021

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The countdown is on! I’m a month away, give or take, from welcoming my third sweet babe into the world. This time around, I feel more confident in preparing and know exactly what products and gear I like + need and what I can do without: looking at you unnecessary changing table, full nursery, crib, and random gadgets!

It feels freeing to take a more minimalist approach this time around, but I still found I had (or wanted) to buy a few things after previously giving away my older stuff and because it’s nice to refresh items that had been well loved before. It was also fun to pull out some old favorites, give them a little TLC, and prep them for use all over again!

Like always, I only recommend products I have personally tested and I would actually use. If you purchase products from affiliate links in this blog, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks to our gift guide sponsor La Petite Creme, a brand I have used with my children in the past and love sharing with other naturally-minded moms!

Whether you’re also expecting for the first (or second or fifth) time, or you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, I’ve got you covered with the products and gear that mom will actually love & use during pregnancy, birth & beyond. Check out my video gift guide and for even more ideas, the entire list below!



La Petite Creme – Natural Baby Wipe Alternative

It’s funny the things you forget- like how you have to sit babies upright after feeding to wait for a burp (in the middle of the night!) or how newborns go through 8-10 diapers a day in the first month- gah! So many little details I am about to remember very clearly. 🙂

I used La Petite Creme with my second born and loved it – it’s the french-style of diapering to make all those changes smoother! I’m happy to already know about this from the start with baby #3.

La Petite Creme is an alternative to baby wipes. I know what you’re thinking – “what, no wipes?!” but hear me out. 

It’s an all-natural cleanser and lotion made with only six safe ingredients that will protect your baby’s bottom 24/7.

You simply apply a little to the skin, or a cotton pad if you prefer, and with a gentle wipe you clean, moisturize, and protect, all in one! 

They also have a balm that is great to soothe any part of the body and perfect for the whole family, and this stuff is great. I’m currently using it on my 6-year-old for her rough, rashy hands due to all the hand washing.

You can grab 15% off on their website when you sign-up for their email list, too!


Bonsie Baby – Bonding Onesie

Is there anything sweeter than those initial newborn snuggles? I don’t think so! I’m the attachment parenting kind of mama that loves all the cuddles and skin-to-skin in those initial months and beyond.  I’m so excited to have Bonsie Baby packed in my hospital bag this time (it didn’t exist for me before!) to make our first moments even more precious. 

Bonsie Baby is the first and only onesie designed specifically for skin-to-skin bonding. I discovered the brand while searching for the perfect newborn outfits and was thrilled to have the chance to work with them through my PR agency, too.

The soft onesie features double-layered flaps that open so baby’s chest and belly are fully exposed for that direct skin-to-skin connection. 

Its benefits include helping baby to regulate body temperature, heart and breathing rates, and to sleep more soundly. It also helps mom with her postpartum recovery, building milk supply for breastfeeding, increases levels of oxytocin, and so much more.

Bonsie Baby also makes diaper changes a breeze, since you don’t even have to fully undress the baby for a quick change 

It comes in a couple different styles including a footie and a baby bag, and I’m pretty sure it’s made from the softest material on earth.


Mockingbird – Single to Double Stroller

I gifted my double stroller a while back when having another baby wasn’t really on my radar and admittedly, it had seen better days. We wore that thing out!

I was glad to not have to spend upwards of a thousand bucks this time around for a new one thanks to Mockingbird – the premium, luxury stroller, at a fraction of the price (love their direct-to-consumer model!) that will take you all the way from newborn thru toddler stage. 

It converts from a single to a double stroller in a snap and has more than 18 different combinations for two riders and also offers different car seat attachments and an infant insert.


My favorite feature of the mockingbird stroller is how easily it folds, even with two seats! This is a big feature you don’t know you need until you’re stuck with an awesome double stroller that takes you half an hour to pack up into your trunk (been there!). 

You can give the Mockingbird a test drive with their 30-day trial policy. Bonus- the packaging is so fun and they send video tutorials to your inbox every step along the way to make set-up a breeze. I put mine together (without reading the directions… shhh!) within 10 minutes!


Bodily – Care for Birth Box

I have always just relied on the hospital for my birthing and postpartum staples, but it’s nice to have these natural & organic upgrades from Bodily this time around. 

I have the Care for Birth” Box – its the complete care package for new parents, from birth recovery to breastfeeding. 

It’s packed with all-natural and organic upgrades to those hospital staples, like cozy socks, breast pads, cooling gel pads, your very own fancy mesh undies (lifesavers!).

Bodily has a whole collection of different boxes to help mom feel prepared for the big birth day and beyond.


Solly Baby – Wraps & Carriers

These are the absolute best wraps for keeping baby close. I’ve used these since my firstborn and was so excited to wash them and hang them so they’re ready for a fresh little nugget. They’re super soft and such a staple for baby’s first year. 

Solly also just launched a brand Loop Carrier to keep bigger babies snug up to 45-pounds. 

They also have the softest newborn outfits and swaddles – I have a neutral one packed for the hospital. 


Be & Me – Baby Wearing Vest


While we’re on the subject of baby wearing, I discovered this awesome mama-owned brand called Be & Me that makes a multi-functional, expandable baby wearing coat (or vest) for all your outdoor baby wearing adventures! I have the Booker Vest and it was a lifesaver during a cold Michigan pregnancy and being outdoors with the kids. I’m happy to have it to keep baby warm while we have some early spring walks (and for all of next year when the cold returns!).


Birds & Bees Teas – Motherhood Teas

This is a wonderful, mama-owned brand that offers organic teas for each phase of your motherhood journey. The beautiful tins and gift sets are great for new moms. I am personally looking forward to using the ripe & ready tea (time to strengthen that uterus!), the “Our Lady of La Leche” organic tea and the natural sitz bath to help with postpartum recovery.


Living Libations – Baby Bundle

I love the all-natural body care from Living Libations and they have the best baby bundle- the oil is great for a growing belly and then gentle enough for when baby arrives. I also picked up a couple special oils and lotions to use while in labor and for recovery. You can’t go wrong with anything from Living Libations!


Lou Lou & Company – Maternity & Nursing Dress

Any expecting or new mom will love the “Everyday Dress” from Lou Lou. It accommodates a growing belly and then has a hidden zipper to making nursing a breeze. It’s the easiest way to look thrown together in a flash. I’m going to stock up on a couple more after baby arrives and some new seasonal colors launch.


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