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Episode 58: Personal Agency, Childhood Trauma & Life Reimagined, With Barbara Rapaport

November 12, 2021

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I’m so excited to introduce today’s guest, Barbara Rapaport. She’s the author of Reimagined, a memoir recounting her harrowing experience battling and surviving a rare form of cancer. She’s also a successful executive coach and consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 businesses, and she’s a former client of my PR firm, HAPPY PR.

Barbara is truly inspiring, intelligent, and she really makes you look at yourself through a different lens. In this episode, we talk about courage, personal agency, childhood demons, and radical self-acceptance. 

I hope you enjoy this interview. If you do, drop a comment over on Instagram. I’m taking a social media sabbatical but you can still reach me through HAPPY PR. Just DM, leave a comment, or post about the episode and tag @gethappypr


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