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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

December 3, 2021

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It’s that time of year again – gift guide season! Every year I create a holiday gift guide that airs on morning news shows around the country, and this year I’m back with a few ideas for everyone, from the kids in your life to friends and family and even pets! 

I’ve also included a few online options – if you’re not planning ahead with all of the shipping issues happening this year, an online course can make a very thoughtful gift, and the best part is that you can buy it last minute if needed!

And if you’re looking for ways to get the whole family involved in the season, I recently shared my favorite faith-filled holiday traditions on the blog.

Watch the gift guide below, or keep reading for more info about each of my gift ideas!



Learning Lovey by Baby Jack & Co.

Baby Jack & Co.’s Learning Lovey is the perfect sensory gift for your favorite little ones. Baby Jack is the only brand that sews the ribbon loops shut on its educational sensory toys to avoid fingers, toes, and tongues from getting caught. 

The Learning Loveys come in a variety of designs, each with vibrant colors and shapes, letters, and numbers to encourage early learning. 

Baby Jack also offers a city and state collection of Learning Loveys, which feature popular landmarks of some of the United States. 


First Impressions Frame by WavHello

The First Impressions Frame by WavHello is a sweet gift for parents and grandparents. You can gift the set or create the framed imprint of your child’s foot or hand yourself. 

The print-making instructions are super simple and easy to follow, and the kit uses shatter-resistant acrylic glass and newborn-safe, non-toxic white clay guaranteed to maintain your impressions firmly and mold-free.

I love that the frame it comes with is subtle and complements any style of decor, making it the perfect addition to any nursery.


Crann Apparel


Crann Apparel is a soft, eco-friendly, ethically made clothing line that is perfect for children with eczema and other skin sensitivities. It was created by a West Michigan mom who couldn’t find clothing that wouldn’t irritate her children’s sensitive skin and set out to make her own. 

It’s made with plant-based fibers such as TENCEL™️ lyocell, organic cotton, and hemp, and it’s ethically manufactured, following the World Fair Trade Organization’s (WFTO) 10 principles of fair trade. Crann Apparel also donates 1% of all sales to “1% for the Planet.”

The clothing line currently offers t-shirts and boxer briefs, but will soon be launching pants and sweatshirts, as well as expanding color options for t-shirts.


Kids Cook Real Food

This online course is a great gift for the kids in your life, and I know parents will love it too.

Kids Cook Real Food organizes more than 30 basic kitchen skills into logical steps to help kids learn vital cooking techniques in fun and memorable ways.

Enjoy fresh, from-scratch meals that the whole family can help with – even pre-readers get access to recipes they can make all by themselves so they feel confident and empowered (and they’re not in the way while parents cook).

The course focuses on the skills, not the food, so it’s very allergy-friendly. It also helps introduce knife and stove safety to kids. 

There’s an easy giftable option right on the website – just go to


Wandering Wise Men

I shared this in my blog about fun and faith-filled holiday traditions, but I’m sharing it here too because it makes such a sweet gift for kids, and it’s a tradition that the whole family can get involved in!

The Wandering Wise Men was created by my friends Eric and Meredith Schrotenboer, so I know just how much love and intention was poured into this project.

It includes a storybook, a 37-day family devotional, and three of the cutest wise men plush dolls you’ve ever seen!




Ayla Tourmaline Prism Bracelet

Hand-made jewelry is always a good go-to gift for friends, but even better if it encourages them to be a light and to stay grounded. 

The Ayla Tourmaline Prism bracelet is intended to be a note-to-self to spread your light in all you do. The bracelet sparkles with translucent crystal opal and 14 kt gold-filled beads. It’s hand-made in the USA, comes in custom sizes if needed, and ships in eco-friendly tissue paper with a gold plated logo charm. 

Fun fact: Tourmaline is said to help ground one’s emotions and protect their purpose and path!


Forever Roses by Leleyat

If you know someone who loves flowers but doesn’t love the short life span or the upkeep involved, Leleyat’s forever roses are the way to go. 

While traditional rose bouquets wilt within a week, these fresh roses are picked at peak bloom, sustainably harvested from high-altitude fields in Ecuador, and preserved to last over a year. 

Leleyat’s founder, Clara, created Forever Roses during the pandemic as a way to do something she loved that her sons could get involved in too. 

The preserved roses are delicate just like non-preserved roses, but they don’t need sunlight or water, just a light dusting whenever you like because they serve as decor for so long. The preservation process is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.

You can choose from a variety of displays for your roses when ordering, as well as a few different color options. 


The Becoming A Mother Course

If you know an expecting parent, this online course is the perfect gift! The Becoming A Mother course is a convenient, self-paced online program launched by two doulas with 15 years of experience helping expecting moms confidently prepare for birth and baby.

The course includes six modules of expert video lessons, live doula q&a calls, expert bonus videos featuring health and wellness professionals, a private Facebook support community, and more. 


Topology Dog Bed by Omlet

The Topology dog bed from Omlet is the perfect gift for your pet or the pet lover in your life. 

Removable mattress toppers make this high-quality dog bed super easy to clean and keep fresh. Just zip it off of the memory foam mattress base and throw it in your washing machine!

You can choose from a collection of practical, comfortable, and stylish toppers, and the Topology Dog Bed can be personalized even further with a choice of feet to raise your dog’s bed off the ground to improve airflow, cleanliness, and comfort. 

The bed is available in three sizes to fit all dog breeds. 


The Light Phone

The Light Phone is great for aspiring minimalists or people who are addicted to their devices. I’ve been exploring different ways to unplug from social media and from my device and share about it over on my podcast (my 11 reasons I’m off social media right now and this interview I did with Anthony Ongaro of “Break the Twitch” are great episodes to listen to if you’re into that kind of thing!). The Light Phone is a “phone for humans” that makes real-life connection more attainable when your device only has the essentials.

And here is a cool leather case for it that I discovered while going down the Light Phone rabbit hole. Read the product description for a cool take on how to use the phone and the benefits of “going light.”


Vegan Leather Folio by Erin Condren Design

This is a simple, beautiful & versatile vegan leather folio that will hold her planner, notebook, or office essentials. I’m a big fan of all Erin Condren paper & planning products!

Freewrite Traveler

For the serious writer: The Freewrite Traveler is made to help writers get their first drafts finished without distractions. Made by a cool start-up in Detroit, the Traveler is the perfect gift for the writer- or aspiring writer- in your life.



Ok2Win Family Games

I’m a huge fan of playing games that help my kids to learn math and logic – my daughters love the friendly competition too! 

We do frequent game nights in our house and recently, I added to our collection from These make a great stocking stuffer and something different if you’ve already played Uno a thousand times like we have. 

Our favorites are Boom goes the Dynamite and Mixed Doubles. We love that they can be played in under 15 minutes (yes!) and it spans a good age range.


Flameless Night light

The Luminara Real-Flame Effect Nightlight is a great, safe alternative to traditional burning candles. It features a realistic flicker to emulate a genuine burning candle. 

It has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that turns the nightlight on and off depending on the time of day and light level, but it can also be manually turned on and off by a button on the base next to the light sensor. 

Unlike traditional candles, it can go anywhere you have a free electric wall outlet: in the bathroom next to towels or tissue, in the bedroom near drapes, in backless bookshelves, and more. Bonus: the simple style enhances just about any decor!


Hydaway Tumbler

Hydaway’s new tumbler is a great gift for eco-conscious friends looking to cut back on single-use coffee cups and lids. It holds 16 ounces of liquid, and then folds down to a 1.25-inch disc that easily fits in your pocket, backpack, or handbag. 

It’s designed with a food-grade double-wall stainless steel rim for added support, a 3mm insulation sleeve, and a leak-proof lid. The lightweight, insulated sleeve keeps drinks hot (and cold) for hours, keeps your hands comfortable, and doubles as a carry pouch. It also comes with a flexible, food-grade silicone straw.

This innovative tumbler is BPA-free, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe. It’s available in seven different color schemes.


If you’re looking less for stuff and more for experiences, check out my blog where I share my top 6 faith-filled holiday traditions.

Happy holidays!


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