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Episode 62: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: My Interview With Kim John Payne

December 9, 2021

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I’ve been sharing some of our most downloaded episodes of all time here on The AMPLIFY Show, and this week is my interview with author Kim John Payne

He’s well known for his best-selling book Simplicity Parenting, which is my favorite parenting book and one I’ve reread multiple times. He has worked with children and families around the world as a counselor and educator. As an author, he’s given a voice to people like you and me. People who have this feeling that something is not okay about this new normal of overwhelm, doing more, being more… and this fast-paced life with too much stuff, too many choices, and too little time.

In this interview, we talk about strategies like de-escalating with humor, re-entering family life after you’ve had a long day of work, and things like a child-centered home vs. a value-centered home. 

I hope to talk with him again hopefully in my upcoming season in the new year… so excited to tell you more about that soon. 

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