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Episode 76: How to Push Through Overwhelm & Take Big Action

July 14, 2022

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Welcome back to another episode of The AMPLIFY Show. Today I’m talking about a strategy that I’ve used consistently in my life and my business whenever I wanted to push through inaction, overwhelm, or decision fatigue, to make big things happen. 

It’s the concept of positive, manufactured pressure.

I recently manufactured pressure simply by spending 30 minutes making a video pitch for a business competition.

I’ll tell ya, there is nothing like pressure to get a stagnant idea moving! 

There are probably many ways you’re already using this trick in your life. Some common ways are charging for your work or hiring a personal trainer. So, how can you leverage this powerful tool in a bigger way?

First, tune into this episode where I share more ways to manufacture pressure or urgency to accomplish something big. 

Then, put it into action!

I’d love to hear from you – what are you going to tackle and how will you implement the strategy of manufactured pressure? Shoot me a message over on Instagram @emilyrichett and I’ll help add to it and hold you accountable with some check-ins. 


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