I’m Emily Richett, a former TV news reporter turned publicist and media coach who’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you succeed.

As a former TV news reporter, my alarm went off at 2:30 a.m. for a job I loved- I got to shine a light on incredible people doing great things. 

I interviewed literally thousands of people with a microphone in my hand, from small business owners to celebrities to political leaders to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. 

Are you ready to be more present, slow the hustle, and to make a bigger impact?

I believe you have a purposeful mission - and I can help you amplify it.

In 2013, I left that TV job I loved and took a big risk to do something even more rewarding: I started my own PR firm to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of publicity.

  Over the past 8 years, I've worked with some of the fastest growing brands in the country, helping them to land major press, share their missions to a greater audience, and to make more impact. And instead of spending hours testing new marketing methods & chasing down their dream customers, their customers found them. 

Your entrepreneurial spirit combined with my PR know-how? It’s going to be a fantastic combination, my friend!

It's time to amplify your purpose, align your passions and to create a business and life you love!

and I can help you do it, too. 

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started!

Emily Richett is a former TV news reporter and the CEO of HAPPY PR, an award-winning publicity agency that puts health, parenting, and lifestyle brands in the spotlight.

She is a media contributor to top outlets including INC, Entrepreneur, and TV morning shows around the country. She’s the host of The AMPLIFY Show podcast where she shares inspiring interviews with leading authors and thought leaders in parenting, entrepreneurship, and life.

In 2020, Emily received ClickFunnels’ 2-Comma Club award for earning more than $1-million in revenue from a single sales funnel. She is passionate about helping other mom entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses online. Emily lives in Michigan with her husband and two young daughters and is expecting her third child this spring.

Official Bio


Enjoying a purpose-driven, rewarding business & life, while helping other women entrepreneurs to do the same!


 80% of restaurant/retail clients forced to close
Transitioned to a fully remote team 
Homeschooled for a year
Made the "pandemic pivot" & rebuilt even better

Celebrated many unexpected blessings & positive changes


Grew the team to 7+ 

Flew to 6 media markets to host the
"HAPPY TV Holiday Gift Guide Tour"

Worked with top B2C brands & international clients

Earned ClickFunnels' "2 Comma Club" Award



Earned my most prized title of all- Mom with the arrival of my first daughter, Jane

Changed diapers. Lots of 'em



Became first full-time, on-air reporter in a top 40 market before graduating college

Made mistakes. Lots of 'em...

In front of 600K+ TV viewers daily


Started first media business at age 11 delivering newspapers for $2.50/subscription 

My story

in a nutshell...

Took a leap of faith & launched a PR agency from the back room of my house.

Richett Media was born

Moved into new office

Rebranded agency to HAPPY PR

Threw a party & lots of confetti

tell me more!

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