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Today on the show I’m talking with Kate Erickson, one half of the duo behind the Entrepreneurs On Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas and host of her own show, Kate’s Take.  Kate runs all of the systems and processes behind Entrepreneurs on Fire and gives us an inside view of what those processes look […]

Episode 46: Creating Systems for Success With Kate Erickson

Amplify Podcast

The sun is shining and the moment we’ve been waiting for all year is finally here… SUMMER BREAK! It’s the season of summer camp and popsicles, bonfires and picnics. I’m sharing some of the hottest gear and products to keep you and your little ones cool this summer.  Keep reading for more info about each […]

Best Products for Summer Family Fun

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Hi everyone – I’m back! I had to break my weekly podcast streak this year (I was SO proud of it!) but for very good reason– I welcomed another baby girl on April 21st, Mae Elizabeth, and she is just an absolute dream!  In this episode, I share all about planning for a maternity leave […]

Episode 45: Planning for Maternity Leave and Time Off From Biz for Mom Entrepreneurs

Motherhood + Life

Hi friends!  I’m back to the podcast and a little bit of work after spending the past two months snuggling a sweet new babe – I’m so happy to introduce you to my third daughter, Mae Elizabeth Hughes! Being a new mom and a business owner comes with a lot of perks (never having a […]

Meet Mae – A Birth Story

Motherhood + Life

Well, I’m still waiting on baby #3 to arrive, so I decided to “birth” one more podcast episode before I take a short break from the show for maternity leave! Today I’m talking about why you should create a digital product or course. This episode applies if you have a service-based business like I do, […]

Episode 44: 5 Reasons to Create a Digital Product or Course

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We all have those things that are on our to-do list that get carried over week to week to week, or into the month, or even into the next year. In today’s episode, I’m sharing all about how to finally stop procrastinating on those things and how to GET STUFF DONE! You know the saying, […]

Episode 43: How To Quit Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done

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Of course moms deserve celebration year-round, but Mother’s Day is a great time to make sure all the maternal women in your life feel extra loved. From grandmas to expecting mamas, I’ve got something to help you celebrate every supermom in your life.  Keep reading for more info about each gift idea, or scroll down […]

Best Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

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If you’re a high performer, and I’m guessing you are, you’ve probably achieved a good amount of success but still find yourself feeling a sense of lack, or unhappiness. If so, then this episode is for you.  Today I’m talking with Dr. Chloe Carmichael, the author of the new book (out this month!) called Nervous […]

Episode 42: Harnessing the Power of Your Anxiety with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Amplify Podcast

The countdown is on! I’m a month away, give or take, from welcoming my third sweet babe into the world. This time around, I feel more confident in preparing and know exactly what products and gear I like + need and what I can do without: looking at you unnecessary changing table, full nursery, crib, […]

Best Gifts for New Moms – Baby Shower Gift Guide 2021

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My guest on the show today is the founder and CEO of Exhale Parent, a company focused on legal and financial tools for new parents. Missy Narula is also the inventor behind Diapertainment and one of my clients with HAPPY PR. We recently did publicity for Diapertainment, her innovative parenting solution for squirmy diaper changes. We […]

Episode 41: Motherhood, Purpose, & Inventing Diapertainment with Missy Narula

Amplify Podcast

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