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I recently became a new mom again and while a lot of it is familiar and like riding a bike, there are parts to this newborn phase that feel very different and brand spanking new! Now with 2 babies under 2 while running a business, I’m always on the lookout for the latest gear or […]

Baby Hacks – Things that make motherhood easier!

Motherhood + Life

This Mother’s Day will mark my nearly two incredible, challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, and beautiful years as a mom. Jane made me a mom on July 15, 2014 and now we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of her little sister, officially due May 18… but my husband and I predict she’ll make her grand entrance a couple weeks early […]

A Gift Guide for New Moms

Motherhood + Life

When it comes to PR and publicity, a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses are stuck in that place where they’re too busy to manage their own public relations and marketing but also can’t afford to hire a firm or publicist- yet. So, I’m sharing a tip that will jump start publicity for your business while generating a rewarding return on your […]

The simple PR pitch with massive ROI

Business + Publicity

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m guessing you find time for all your personal appointments and self care like I do: whenever you can squeeze them in to your already packed schedule- if ever. I’ve recently started taking a different approach because I realized the old way wasn’t serving me or my business— and I have a feeling you could […]

How to prioritize YOU + grow your business

Business + Publicity

I don’t consider myself a ‘mom blogger’ but I do have a blog and I do write about mom stuff sometimes. And business. I especially like writing about how the two identities (mom and business owner) compliment one another. So, I guess that makes me a mompreneur blogger. I’m cool with that title! And even though I […]

How I made more than $6,000 in brand collaborations with a small following

Business + Publicity

Happy New Year! I hope you had great holidays, enjoyed plenty of downtime, indulged in lots of Netflix and sweets (like me!) and now you’re feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on 2016! I could get sentimental and reflect back on this past year with its share of ups and downs, but you probably don’t want […]

Do Less & Accomplish More in 2016

Motherhood + Life

And just like that…                               2015 is nearly over! Thankfully, most businesses don’t plan big media announcements around the holidays so the last few weeks of December are usually my chance to catch up, slow down and to do some thoughtful planning for the year […]

Planning for a BIG year

Motherhood + Life

Periscope is the newest social media platform– it’s only been around for a hot minute but the most ambitious entrepreneurs have already found a way to successfully grow and monetize their brands on the new platform. Take my new gal pal Nicole Walters for example. She credits Persicope for more than $60,000 in revenue from just one […]

3 Steps to Stop Lurking & Start Broadcasting (in Periscope & in Life!)

Business + Publicity

*Hello! Yes, there’s a really valuable, 23-minute exclusive interview with Ramit at the bottom of this post. If you came here via Entrepreneur and you want to jump right in, just scroll down. Enjoy! If you’re interested in the free copywriting course and my biggest takeaways from interviewing Ramit, read on! I’ve mentioned before that I […]

Creating a Rich Life with Ramit Sethi + Free Copywriting Course

Business + Publicity

When I first started discovering online entrepreneurs who would share tips and tricks via an email newsletter (often sharing some really big incentive when you initially subscribe), I couldn’t get enough. Weekly recipes from my favorite cookbook author? Yes, please! Social media tips from the latest popular marketing guru? Count me in! Someone who appears to […]

Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm

Business + Publicity

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