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It’s that time of year again… to start shopping for the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. I love to support local, small businesses and my friend entrepreneurs. So I do a lot of my shopping here in West Michigan and at my favorite boutiques. But I also have a lot of e-commerce business […]

My Holiday Gift Guide

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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Acton Academy. Co-founder Laura Sandefer is sharing about what makes Acton different, and how their overarching philosophy that every person deserves to find their calling and change the world informs their unique educational model.   When their own sons were young, the Sandefers were unsatisfied with the […]

Episode 8: Courage to Grow with Acton Academy Founder Laura Sandefer

Amplify Podcast

How did Lucinda Cramsey make it onto Shark Tank? And how has she adjusted to being a high profile business while still living a small town life? What steps has she taken to scale her business?     On this episode of The Amplify Show I’m talking with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Lucinda Cramsey. She […]

Episode 7: Scaling, Shark Tank, & Steaks with MOINK Founder Lucinda Cramsey

Amplify Podcast

My guest on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show is world-renowned counselor, researcher, author, and parenting expert Kim John Payne. Even if you’re not a parent, I urge you to check out this episode for some really eye-opening research, as well as advice on self-regulation and dealing with our own issues as adults first.    […]

Episode 6: Simplicity Parenting and Entrepreneurship with Kim John Payne

Amplify Podcast

My guest on this podcast episode is Katie Richardson, speaker, coach, innovator, mom and global entrepreneur super-star. It wasn’t always this way for Katie, and we discuss how she went from a stay-at-home mom, unsure of herself and her abilities, to the owner of a multi-million dollar global business featured everywhere from Target to Ellen […]

Episode 5: The Powerful Journey to a Multimillion Dollar Business with Katie Richardson

Amplify Podcast

On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show I am talking with the Mindful Mama Mentor, Hunter Clarke-Fields. Hunter teaches mindfulness and peaceful parenting techniques to help us become more enjoyable, less irritable parents.      We talk about the importance of accepting each moment, practicing skills, and giving ourselves a break. Hunter shares about feeling […]

Episode 4: Embracing Mindfulness in Parenting and Life with the Mindful Mama Mentor, Hunter Clarke-Fields

Amplify Podcast

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m taking you back to two and a half years ago in my business, right about the time when I made a pivotal shift to start intentionally growing with a team. If you’re stuck in the day to day of your business, and not sure where to start […]

Episode 3: How I Scaled my Business & Found Freedom – My Interview with John Lee Dumas for Entrepreneurs on Fire

Amplify Podcast

On this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I am talking with Emily Hirsh, owner of one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies out there. Starting from scratch at 19 and pregnant, Emily said yes to every opportunity she could, learned everything she could, and reached almost a million in annual sales as a solopreneur. […]

Episode 2: From Solopreneur to 7-Figures with Emily Hirsh

Amplify Podcast

The AMPLIFY Show is here to shine a spotlight on inspiring people doing incredible things, to help you amplify your business, and your life. In episode 1 of The AMPLIFY Show I am talking with Alex Charfen, business coach extraordinaire and author of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type.      Alex has a history of taking […]

Episode 1: The Entrepreneurial Personality Type and Being in Momentum with Alex Charfen

Amplify Podcast

It’s hard to believe I have an official Kindergartener and preschooler going off to school this year! My girls have been attending a Montessori school since they were each about one-year-old, so it doesn’t feel very different sending them back this year. Back-to-school season is exciting nonetheless. While my girls don’t need a ton of […]

My Favorite Eco-Friendly, Back-To-School Products

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