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Happy (almost) New Year! Both personally and professionally, 2016 was a big year: My family moved into a new house and we welcomed our second daughter just months later! My firm celebrated 4 yeas of business and took on new projects, bigger clients, and created some impressive PR campaigns if I do say so myself, including: […]

This is the ONLY thing you need to conquer 2017.

Motherhood + Life

I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead with new projects, new services and a bigger team! I’m currently hiring for one full-time PR specialist to work in my firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m also hiring a part-time virtual assistant for some fun and challenging projects at Richett Media and here at If you […]

Growth in 2017- Join me!

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As a publicist, I get the opportunity to work with a lot of cool brands and to try out the latest, award-winning products on the market (especially in the mom space right now). And as a TV host, I’m constantly seeking out the most innovative gadgets and gifts to showcase in my news segments. This Christmas, I’ve […]

Holiday Gift Guide for everyone on your list!

Motherhood + Life

You’ve heard the saying, “All publicity is good publicity” but that’s not the case with politics where you can quickly alienate a significant portion of your customers. Whether it be with a yard sign or a Facebook post, declaring your support for one candidate or disdain for another can have potentially damaging long-term effects on your […]

Avoiding Political PR Backlash: Advice for businesses and entrepreneurs

Business + Publicity

How a Mom Sacrificed her Successful Corporate Job, So New Moms Didn’t Have to Sacrifice Their Sleep This week’s Amplified Entrepreneur is Manasi Gangan, founder of Nested Bean, the creator of the popular zen swaddle. I first discovered this genius creation a couple years ago at my local baby boutique. I was intrigued by this swaddle […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Manasi Gangan, Nested Bean

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One of the only aspects of a traditional job that some of my girlfriends have that I envy is a proper maternity leave. It would be amazing to completely drop everything and to not think about work for 12 weeks while snuggling a sweet newborn. On the other hand, I can’t imagine then leaving my baby and […]

How to take a maternity leave as an entrepreneur

Motherhood + Life

*A version of this post is published on Elephant Journal. I would be so grateful if you gave it a read & comment if it resonates with you! My dad would have turned 60-years-old today. It’s fitting this milestone falls on Labor Day. He was the hardest worker I’ve ever known. Before retiring early due to disability, he put in […]

A Labor Day Tribute

Motherhood + Life

If you read about my goal for this year (which happened to be one of my most popular posts!), you know that I’m all about finding ways to do less while accomplishing more in 2016. And one of the biggest challenges I face with this, is saying yes to requests or invitations when I really want to […]

The Little Word with BIG Impact: How to Say ‘No’

Business + Publicity

I asked my Amplified Entrepreneur email group what they would like to learn next on my blog and this was, hands down, the most popular request! (you can join the email list at the bottom of this post). I think most personal brands or entrepreneurs can relate to this problem: you are good at what you do… […]

From Unknown to Media Expert

Business + Publicity

Today I want to talk about something that can be really empowering, but also a bit taboo… I’m talking about money! I’ve been wanting to share on this topic for a while because, I believe, especially as women entrepreneurs, we need to normalize money talk. We need to celebrate our financial wins. Share in our financial struggles. And empower each other to charge our […]

Motherhood, Money & Mindset with Denise Duffield-Thomas

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