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I have some exciting news to share, especially for girl moms! Over the past few months while I’ve juggled a sweet newborn and his three busy sisters, I chipped away at a new business venture. It is the kind of business you create simply because you can’t find the exact type of product you’re looking […]

Introducing Faith Friends – the Christian Alternative to American Girl Doll

Christian alternative to American Girl

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Today I’m sharing the first video I published on my Entrepreneur column! This interview with Lewis Howes kicked off the first of many interviews with successful and inspiring entrepreneurs.   He is truly authentic and opens up about not only his massive success, but real, raw failures and his mental strategies for overcoming them. So many […]

Lewis Howes on Success, Failure & The School of Greatness

Business + Publicity

This is the first of a new series, where I’ll share short, actionable lessons and stories to help you amplify your business. In today’s episode, I answer the question: What happens when you decide to write an email to your list of thousands of people who haven’t heard from you in years? I’ll tell you […]

Episode 53: Biz Pep Talk: Send the Dang Email!

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A few years ago I shared about a trip I took to New York City to kick off the launch of my video series with Entrepreneur. Now I’m resharing the blog I wrote about the trip and my tips for leveraging opportunities.  These tips are for any entrepreneur interested in thought leadership. If you’re not […]

Leveraging Opportunities + My trip to NYC

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As you’re planning your marketing and content strategies for the new year, video and audio continue to grow faster than ever, especially after this year where most people are now leveraging zoom, podcasts, and video conferencing than ever before. At my PR agency, HAPPY PR, our clients have shifted to doing zoom media interviews instead […]

How To Handle Virtual Media Interviews & Zoom Meetings Like a Pro

Business + Publicity

An expensive publicist. New business cards. A fancy designer dress. All fun but not at all necessary for rocking your first media interviews. Or for winning at business in general. Most of these things are actually just distractions that we tell ourselves we need in order to accomplish something… and all it really does is […]

Before you take the spotlight… do you have these?

Business + Publicity

I see this all the time with small business owners. From past students in my AMPLIFY PR course to clients of my PR agency, I’ve seen business owners excited for media coverage but reluctant to get in front of the camera or microphone. The truth is, to really amplify your business, you have to be […]

Who is the best person to promote your brand?

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Everyone likes getting media coverage. But before you get in front of the mic, there are a few things you need to have in place first, in order to ensure you’re getting a good return on your PR investment. I put together a video sharing the top 3 things you need before getting press (hint: […]

Want Media Coverage? Make Sure You Have These 3 Things First

Business + Publicity

So you’ve crafted your elevator pitch, and you’re ready to pitch your business or idea for a local TV story.  I have more tips in my publicity guide and a thorough pitching section in my PR course, but here are a few quick tips to get you started! 1- Keep your subject line short & […]

3 Tips to Getting Featured on TV

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This was originally written for my agency on To get in touch with HAPPY, head to our website.    It’s always a HAPPY day when Inc. Magazine announces its annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing businesses. Not only is our founder a columnist for Inc., but several of our clients make the coveted list, […]

HAPPY Clients Named on Inc. 500 List As Fastest-Growing Businesses


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