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This is the first of a new series, where I’ll shart short, actionable lessons and stories to help you amplify your business. In today’s episode, I answer the question: What happens when you decide to write an email to your list of thousands of people who haven’t heard from you in years? I’ll tell you […]

Episode 53: Biz Pep Talk: Send the Dang Email!

Business + Publicity

As you’re planning your marketing and content strategies for the new year, video and audio continue to grow faster than ever, especially after this year where most people are now leveraging zoom, podcasts, and video conferencing than ever before. At my PR agency, HAPPY PR, our clients have shifted to doing zoom media interviews instead […]

How To Handle Virtual Media Interviews and Zoom Meetings Like a Pro

Business + Publicity

This is going to be a really different interview today with someone I deeply admire. He’s been my business coach for a couple years, he’s an author, and mentor for fast-growth businesses. My guest is Alex Charfen. I’ve had him on the show before but today will be a bit different. Alex ends up interviewing […]

Episode 28: Creating Business and Personal Momentum Through Crisis with Alex Charfen

Business + Publicity

Like many millennial entrepreneurs, I’ve had the luxury of running a business in a very strong economy. I launched HAPPY PR, a boutique public relations and marketing agency, in 2012 after transitioning from my first career as a TV news reporter. I lucked out back then and landed that job as a new college graduate […]

How to Shift Your Business During a Crisis

Business + Publicity

Note: This article originally appeared on As a wife, mother of four daughters and professional International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness competitor, Sara Moylan had tried all the so-called “best sports bras” on the market. She wanted to be able to set her level of fit and support, but nothing like that existed: The bras […]

This Mom Couldn’t Find a Sports Bra That Does What It’s Supposed To. So, She Invented One.

Business + Publicity

Everyone likes getting media coverage. But before you get in front of the mic, there are a few things you need to have in place first, in order to ensure you’re getting a good return on  your PR investment. I put together a video sharing the top 3 things you need before getting press (hint: […]

Want Media Coverage? Make Sure You Have These 3 Things First.

Business + Publicity

This article originally appeared in Emily’s column, Own It.   Most entrepreneurs frame the first dollar they earn. But imagine that instead of your first dollar, it’s your first million dollar check. And instead of framing it and taking a selfie with it, you attempt to casually deposit it at the bank drive-thru. This […]

A Million Dollar Lesson from Serena Williams

Motherhood + Life

This article originally appeared in Emily’s column, Own It. Throughout my childhood, the sounds of the shower starting and the blow dryer running as my mom got ready every morning served as my alarm clock. Growing up with a working mom has shaped my work ethic and success-driven nature. I was undoubtedly impacted by […]

Shake the “Working Mom Guilt” – Your Ambition Does Benefit Your Kids

Business + Publicity

This article originally appeared in Emily’s column, Own It. Negotiating for more money when switching jobs can be an effective way to increase your salary long term. In fact, full-time workers who changed jobs experienced an increase in pay of an average of 4.5 percent compared to 3.9 percent of all full-time workers. When I left my career […]

The Money Talk: 4 Things to Know Before Asking for a Raise

Business + Publicity

This article originally appeared in Emily’s column, Own It. If you’re a millennial, then you’re probably tired of fighting all the negative stereotypes about who you are, what your work ethic is like, and what you’re capable of accomplishing. I would know, because I’m a millennial too. It wasn’t that long ago I was […]

How to Flip the Script on Millennial Labels

Business + Publicity

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