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It’s fun to look back on how much my business has grown and changed over the years, as well as how much *I* have grown and changed, too. I wrote this blog when my business was still in the toddler phase: like my real life toddler, my business very much depended on me for all […]

Juggling Babies + Biz While Staying Sane + Profitable!

Business + Publicity

This was originally written for my agency at in 2019. To get in touch with HAPPY, just head to our website! The wait for one of Grand Rapids’ largest ongoing developments is almost over. While team HAPPY PR is busy preparing for one of the most highly anticipated grand openings in West Michigan this […]

Five Reasons We’re Excited About One of Grand Rapids’ Biggest Grand Openings


If you’ve seen my free Publicity Guide, you might be surprised or even disappointed that I don’t dive right in with advice on the glamorous tasks like pitching and on-camera interviewing tips. That’s because if you don’t lay a strong foundation in your pitch with your purpose, nothing else is going to be effective. Pitching […]

Creating Your Brand Elevator Pitch

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Every now and then I like to reflect on where I’m at and where I’ve been, and after nearly a decade of running my PR agency and being a mom now to three little ones, this old blog I wrote is a fun blast from the past.  So much has happened since this blog, like […]

Surviving the First Year of Motherhood + Business

Motherhood + Life

When I first started discovering online entrepreneurs who would share tips and tricks via an email newsletter (often sharing some really big incentive when you initially subscribe), I couldn’t get enough. Weekly recipes from my favorite cookbook author? Sign me up! Social media tips from the latest popular marketing guru? Count me in! Someone who […]

Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm

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Note: This article originally appeared in Emily’s column, Own It. You’re running a successful business, but you can’t seem to leverage enough time to scale it, let alone enjoy enough freedom away from it. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. While most articles will lead you to believe the key to having it all is […]

3 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Scale their Business

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You’ve heard the saying, “All publicity is good publicity,” but that’s not the case with politics where you can quickly alienate a significant portion of your customers. This blog was originally published in 2019, leading up to the most polarizing election my generation, perhaps our country, has experiened. Most of this is still relevant and […]

Avoiding Political Backlash and Cancel Culture: PR Advice for Businesses and Entrepreneurs 

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*Hello! Yes, there’s a really valuable, 23-minute exclusive interview with Ramit Sethi at the bottom of this post. If you came here via Entrepreneur and you want to jump right in, just scroll down. Enjoy! If you’re interested in my biggest takeaways from interviewing Ramit, read on!   I’ve mentioned before that I don’t subscribe […]

Creating a Rich Life with Ramit Sethi

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This is going to be a really different interview today with someone I deeply admire. He’s been my business coach for a couple years, he’s an author, and mentor for fast-growth businesses. My guest is Alex Charfen. I’ve had him on the show before but today will be a bit different. Alex ends up interviewing […]

Episode 28: Creating Business and Personal Momentum Through Crisis with Alex Charfen

Business + Publicity

Like many millennial entrepreneurs, I’ve had the luxury of running a business in a very strong economy. I launched HAPPY PR, a boutique public relations and marketing agency, in 2012 after transitioning from my first career as a TV news reporter. I lucked out back then and landed that job as a new college graduate […]

How to Shift Your Business During a Crisis

Business + Publicity

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