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You’ve heard the saying, “All publicity is good publicity” but that’s not the case with politics where you can quickly alienate a significant portion of your customers. Whether it be with a yard sign or a Facebook post, declaring your support for one candidate or disdain for another can have potentially damaging long-term effects on your […]

Avoiding Political PR Backlash: Advice for businesses and entrepreneurs

Business + Publicity

How a Mom Sacrificed her Successful Corporate Job, So New Moms Didn’t Have to Sacrifice Their Sleep This week’s Amplified Entrepreneur is Manasi Gangan, founder of Nested Bean, the creator of the popular zen swaddle. I first discovered this genius creation a couple years ago at my local baby boutique. I was intrigued by this swaddle […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Manasi Gangan, Nested Bean

Business + Publicity

One of the only aspects of a traditional job that some of my girlfriends have that I envy is a proper maternity leave. It would be amazing to completely drop everything and to not think about work for 12 weeks while snuggling a sweet newborn. On the other hand, I can’t imagine then leaving my baby and […]

How to take a maternity leave as an entrepreneur

Motherhood + Life

If you read about my goal for this year (which happened to be one of my most popular posts!), you know that I’m all about finding ways to do less while accomplishing more in 2016. And one of the biggest challenges I face with this, is saying yes to requests or invitations when I really want to […]

The Little Word with BIG Impact: How to Say ‘No’

Business + Publicity

I asked my Amplified Entrepreneur email group what they would like to learn next on my blog and this was, hands down, the most popular request! (you can join the email list at the bottom of this post). I think most personal brands or entrepreneurs can relate to this problem: you are good at what you do… […]

From Unknown to Media Expert

Business + Publicity

Today I want to talk about something that can be really empowering, but also a bit taboo… I’m talking about money! I’ve been wanting to share on this topic for a while because, I believe, especially as women entrepreneurs, we need to normalize money talk. We need to celebrate our financial wins. Share in our financial struggles. And empower each other to charge our […]

Motherhood, Money & Mindset with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Business + Publicity

When it comes to PR and publicity, a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses are stuck in that place where they’re too busy to manage their own public relations and marketing but also can’t afford to hire a firm or publicist- yet. So, I’m sharing a tip that will jump start publicity for your business while generating a rewarding return on your […]

The simple PR pitch with massive ROI

Business + Publicity

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m guessing you find time for all your personal appointments and self care like I do: whenever you can squeeze them in to your already packed schedule- if ever. I’ve recently started taking a different approach because I realized the old way wasn’t serving me or my business— and I have a feeling you could […]

How to prioritize YOU + grow your business

Business + Publicity

Happy New Year! I hope you had great holidays, enjoyed plenty of downtime, indulged in lots of Netflix and sweets (like me!) and now you’re feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on 2016! I could get sentimental and reflect back on this past year with its share of ups and downs, but you probably don’t want […]

Do Less & Accomplish More in 2016

Motherhood + Life

Periscope is the newest social media platform– it’s only been around for a hot minute but the most ambitious entrepreneurs have already found a way to successfully grow and monetize their brands on the new platform. Take my new gal pal Nicole Walters for example. She credits Persicope for more than $60,000 in revenue from just one […]

3 Steps to Stop Lurking & Start Broadcasting (in Periscope & in Life!)

Business + Publicity

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