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*Hello! Yes, there’s a really valuable, 23-minute exclusive interview with Ramit at the bottom of this post. If you came here via Entrepreneur and you want to jump right in, just scroll down. Enjoy! If you’re interested in the free copywriting course and my biggest takeaways from interviewing Ramit, read on! I’ve mentioned before that I […]

Creating a Rich Life with Ramit Sethi + Free Copywriting Course

Business + Publicity

When I first started discovering online entrepreneurs who would share tips and tricks via an email newsletter (often sharing some really big incentive when you initially subscribe), I couldn’t get enough. Weekly recipes from my favorite cookbook author? Yes, please! Social media tips from the latest popular marketing guru? Count me in! Someone who appears to […]

Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm

Business + Publicity

So, I recently flew out to NYC to track down some very successful online entrepreneurs and got them to spill all their secrets with us. I stayed in a gorgeous suite overlooking the city with my best friend, created a ‘green room’ bar full of gummy bears and I even ate a whole vegan pizza by […]

Making Money on Periscope with Nicole Walters

Business + Publicity

My first video in a series of accomplished entrepreneur interviews has gone live over at Entrepreneur Online! And what better way to launch than with the successful & inspiring Lewis Howes? I’m pretty excited to share his entrepreneurial journey with you. He is truly authentic and opens up about not only his massive success, but real, raw […]

Lewis Howes on Success, Failure & the School of Greatness

Business + Publicity

My PR firm, Richett Media, turns 3 next month! There’s so much to learn the first few years in business and right smack in the middle of my entrepreneurial journey, I  gained the ultimate title of mom, too. During my 15 months of balancing baby + business (read: a lot of trial and error, hormones and emotions), I’ve discovered some specific tactics that […]

Juggling Babies + Biz while staying Sane + Profitable!

Business + Publicity

A couple weeks ago, I shared about my tendency to ‘go big’ and the upper limit problem it can create, most recently delaying my video series launch with Entrepreneur Online. You can read all about that here. Well, it may have taken longer than I wanted, but after months of planning, all the pieces came […]

Leveraging Opportunities + My trip to NYC

Business + Publicity

An expensive publicist. New business cards. A fancy designer dress. All fun but not at all necessary for rocking your first media interviews. Or for winning at business in general. Most of these things are actually just distractions that we tell ourselves we need in order to accomplish something… and all it really does is give us […]

Before you take the spotlight… do you have these?

Business + Publicity

I see this all the time with small business owners. They get wrapped up in having the spotlight on the actual product, the amazing service, the brand as a whole or even a paid spokesperson or random employee. Truth is, to really amplify your business, you have to be ready to shine a light on YOU. Yes, […]

Who is the best person to promote your brand?

Business + Publicity

During a recent visit to my old TV station where I was a reporter for nearly seven years, I ran into Producer Steve. Well, it was more like an ambush as I had my iPhone out and said, “Hey, Steve! We’re live on Periscope!” Although typically a behind-the-scenes guy, he was a good sport and shared […]

3 Tips to Getting Featured on TV

Business + Publicity

By now, you’ve probably read my Guide to Getting Media Coverage. And you might be surprised or even disappointed that I don’t dive right in with advice on the glamorous tasks like pitching and on-camera interviewing tips. That’s because if you don’t lay a strong foundation with your purpose, nothing else matters. Pitching your business […]

Creating Your Brand Elevator Pitch

Business + Publicity

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