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This episode is for all of my moms and women who feel like they’ve achieved a lot, overall, yet still feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed. If you’ve read all the popular books from the famous women authors and you follow the big influencers in the self-help space, but their feel-good advice doesn’t actually help, then this […]

Episode 51: Self-Help Gurus, Feminism & “Having it All”

Motherhood + Life

In this episode, I’m talking about a topic that can make many people uncomfortable- death.  For thousands of years, reflecting on our own mortality and inevitable outcome has been used by philosophers and people of all kinds to be better, to do better, and to make the most of this short life. This week I […]

Episode 50: Finding Purpose & Peace in Grief & Death

Motherhood + Life

 Fighting Back Against Parent Bully Mobs In this episode, I’m opening up about an increasing problem I’ve been seeing play out in my community and those across the country. It’s the evergrowing “parent mobs” – groups of parents who have thrown kindness and tolerance out of the window and replaced them with anger and divisiveness.  […]

Episode 49: How to Stay Focused and Strong During Crazy Times

Motherhood + Life

Well, this summer flew by just like it always does. With kids back to school and the weather cooling down soon, I like having the right gear both for fall adventures and for cozy time at home.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products to take you and your family right into fall and […]

Fall Gear Guide 2021

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Summer always seems to fly by, especially here in Michigan! We’re soaking up the last few weeks and also prepping to head back to school. I’ll have a kindergartner and first grader this year! Kindergarten will start only 3 days a week so we’ll do a combo of homeschool + traditional school. As we start […]

Emily’s Back to School Guide

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Hi everyone – I’m back! I had to break my weekly podcast streak this year (I was SO proud of it!) but for very good reason– I welcomed another baby girl on April 21st, Mae Elizabeth, and she is just an absolute dream!  In this episode, I share all about planning for a maternity leave […]

Episode 45: Planning for Maternity Leave and Time Off From Biz for Mom Entrepreneurs

Motherhood + Life

Hi friends!  I’m back to the podcast and a little bit of work after spending the past two months snuggling a sweet new babe – I’m so happy to introduce you to my third daughter, Mae Elizabeth Hughes! Being a new mom and a business owner comes with a lot of perks (never having a […]

Meet Mae – A Birth Story

Motherhood + Life

Of course moms deserve celebration year-round, but Mother’s Day is a great time to make sure all the maternal women in your life feel extra loved. From grandmas to expecting mamas, I’ve got something to help you celebrate every supermom in your life.  Keep reading for more info about each gift idea, or scroll down […]

Best Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

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The countdown is on! I’m a month away, give or take, from welcoming my third sweet babe into the world. This time around, I feel more confident in preparing and know exactly what products and gear I like + need and what I can do without: looking at you unnecessary changing table, full nursery, crib, […]

Best Gifts for New Moms – Baby Shower Gift Guide 2021

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In today’s episode, I’m talking about the fine balance in being visible online while still being present in LIFE.  As an entrepreneur, being visible online and having a brand presence on social media is important. At the same time, social media and attachment to our devices are changing the way we live, think, and feel. […]

Episode 37: Stay Visible Online While Being Present in Life

Motherhood + Life

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