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In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Tara Jones-Williamson, the founder, CEO, and success coach of Your Pretty Pennies. I first met Tara a few years ago when we sat on a panel together for Ladies Get Paid, and we instantly connected. She is so inspiring to me, not only as a […]

Episode 24: How to Create the Lifestyle You Desire & Find Financial Clarity with Tara Jones-Williamson

Amplify Podcast

When you hear the term minimalism, you might think of the tiny house craze, starting a capsule wardrobe, purging your sock drawer, or the overall pursuit of living with less. A successful business with a growing team and multiple revenue streams isn’t the first thing to come to mind. But for two entrepreneurs known as […]

How Less is More in Business and Life: An Interview with The Minimalists

Motherhood + Life

So, I recently flew out to NYC to track down some very successful online entrepreneurs and got them to spill all their secrets with us. I stayed in a gorgeous suite overlooking the city with my best friend, created a ‘green room’ bar full of gummy bears and I even ate a whole vegan pizza by […]

Making Money on Periscope with Nicole Walters

Business + Publicity

My first video in a series of accomplished entrepreneur interviews has gone live over at Entrepreneur Online! And what better way to launch than with the successful & inspiring Lewis Howes? I’m pretty excited to share his entrepreneurial journey with you. He is truly authentic and opens up about not only his massive success, but real, raw […]

Lewis Howes on Success, Failure & the School of Greatness

Business + Publicity

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