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Everyone likes getting media coverage. But before you get in front of the mic, there are a few things you need to have in place first, in order to ensure you’re getting a good return on  your PR investment. I put together a video sharing the top 3 things you need before getting press (hint: […]

Want Media Coverage? Make Sure You Have These 3 Things First.

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I see this all the time with small business owners. They get wrapped up in having the spotlight on the actual product, the amazing service, the brand as a whole or even a paid spokesperson or random employee. Truth is, to really amplify your business, you have to be ready to shine a light on YOU. Yes, […]

Who is the best person to promote your brand?

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During a recent visit to my old TV station where I was a reporter for nearly seven years, I ran into Producer Steve. Well, it was more like an ambush as I had my iPhone out and said, “Hey, Steve! We’re live on Periscope!” Although typically a behind-the-scenes guy, he was a good sport and shared […]

3 Tips to Getting Featured on TV

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By now, you’ve probably read my Guide to Getting Media Coverage. And you might be surprised or even disappointed that I don’t dive right in with advice on the glamorous tasks like pitching and on-camera interviewing tips. That’s because if you don’t lay a strong foundation with your purpose, nothing else matters. Pitching your business […]

Creating Your Brand Elevator Pitch

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