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Like many millennial entrepreneurs, I’ve had the luxury of running a business in a very strong economy. I launched HAPPY PR, a boutique public relations and marketing agency, in 2012 after transitioning from my first career as a TV news reporter. I lucked out back then and landed that job as a new college graduate […]

How to Shift Your Business During a Crisis

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You’ve heard the saying, “All publicity is good publicity” but that’s not the case with politics where you can quickly alienate a significant portion of your customers. Whether it be with a yard sign or a Facebook post, declaring your support for one candidate or disdain for another can have potentially damaging long-term effects on your […]

Avoiding Political PR Backlash: Advice for businesses and entrepreneurs

Business + Publicity

By now, you’ve probably read my Guide to Getting Media Coverage. And you might be surprised or even disappointed that I don’t dive right in with advice on the glamorous tasks like pitching and on-camera interviewing tips. That’s because if you don’t lay a strong foundation with your purpose, nothing else matters. Pitching your business […]

Creating Your Brand Elevator Pitch

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