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Episode 17: Growing During Challenges And Other ‘Traffic Secrets’ With Russell Brunson

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In the midst of a crisis, some industries are crippled, while others are staying afloat and even thriving. Today’s guest is none other than one of the top Internet marketers and the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the fastest growing SaaS company in the world. Russell Brunson is also a best-selling author and his latest book Traffic Secrets just launched.

As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of ClickFunnels- I’ve been a user of the software for more than 3 years. I also have been in one of Russell’s coaching or mentoring programs for the past few years, absorbing everything I can about how to scale a business and make more impact. ClickFunnels is also a HAPPY client and we’re working closely on this book launch, so it comes full circle to get to share his insights with all of you.

In this interview, Russell talks about how his business is faring through COVID-19, his new book, and he gives advice for entrepreneurs on how to pivot their marketing efforts and find the people who are willing to spend money on their products or services. 

You can get Traffic Secrets for free (just pay shipping) on ClickFunnels’ website. While you’re at it, be sure to get Russell’s first two books. These have helped me grow my business, and the content has never been more needed than it is today, as we all figure out how to continue business remotely and make sales online. 


“For those who are paying attention, this is the greatest time of opportunity most of us will experience in our lifetime.”      -Russell Brunson


Topics discussed with Russell Brunson on this episode of The AMPLIFY Show:

  • [5:25] How Russell struggled during the last recession
  • [7:20] Russell’s top three tips for businesses to stay afloat during a crisis
  • [9:30] Someone is in need of your skillset
  • [11:15] How to navigate marketing without self-promoting
  • [13:10] Finding the people willing to buy your products/services
  • [15:50] “Good” is the enemy of “Great”


“The entrepreneur’s biggest role right now is to help people have faith and hope in the future.” -Russell Brunson 


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