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Episode 56: It Wasn’t Meant To Be Easy! Biz & Life Pep Talk

October 27, 2021

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Hi friends!

Today I was inspired to quickly record another Biz Pep Talk, but this one is really a biz/life pep talk. 

I had a coffee meeting with a client who recently launched a sustainable clothing line and she was telling me about all of the challenges she’s facing with manufacturing issues and product delays. 

Then, I heard from an author friend who sent me a message… and THEN, a media colleague- three separate women but a common theme: overcoming hardship, self doubt, and not giving enough credit to where it’s due (hint: ourselves!). 

I keep finding scenarios in my own life that remind me- maybe this wasn’t supposed to be easy. 

And maybe we’re made for this! 

It reminds me of a verse I read recently in Esther 4:14, you know, the popular one you’ll see in beautiful script on posters and mugs: Perhaps you were born for times such as this. 

Variations of that verse have turned into a common, inspiration quote on many platforms so I wasn’t expecting it to drop right in the middle of that story (like many of the popular verses I eventually come across in reading the Bible- “Oh, so that’s where it comes from!”). So, I pulled it up again to re-read it to see how it might apply to our everyday lives, and not just in the very significant and unique situation Esther faced. 

I hope this episode will give you a new perspective on what it means to embrace hardship & uncertainty. If it does, let me know over on Instagram @emilyrichett!


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