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Episode 59: 10 Reasons to Quit Social Media

November 18, 2021

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I’m inviting you to join me for a slower, more peace-filled season with a social media sabbatical- as in, quitting social media for the next month or so. 

I logged off my platforms on November 8 and plan to take a two-month digital rest. 

In this episode, I’m sharing 10 reasons (technically 11 reasons, I couldn’t help myself- there are so many good ones!) to quit social media – or to at least take a break. 

I started the year off with a social media sabbatical but still batched my posts once a week. This time, I’m going unplugged- I even removed email from my phone. Tune in to hear the biggest reasons why and what I hope to gain from the break. 

I mention a lot of previous episodes and interviews on this topic, which I’ll link below. If you like this episode, you’ll love some of those!


Mentioned in the episode:

  • Episode 36: Finding Freedom with Social Detox, Digital Minimalism & Vacation
  • Episode 37: Stay Visible Online While Being Present in Life
  • Episode 48: Break the Twitch And Live a More Intentional Life, With Anthony Ongaro
  • Episode 55: Why We Want What We Want & The Power Of Mimetic Desire In Everyday Life, with Luke Burgis
  • Episode 30: “Embrace the Suck” and Create Constraint to Change Your Life, with Navy SEAL & Author Brent Gleeson
  • Episode 49: How to Stay Focused and Strong During Crazy Times
  • Episode 8: Courage to Grow with Acton Academy Founder Laura Sandefer
  • Under the Influence” with Jo Piazza


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